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11:11 Horoscopes - New Age Hippie Portal Gateway Potluck Fun Time, For Nov. 4 - Nov. 11, 2010

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Firstly, I must facetiously apologize for my tongue in cheek title about New Age hippies, for many of this creed are proud friends of mine and often, I am mistaken for one, myself. Very fittingly, the Moon will be in Aquarius for the big day of Nov. 11, 2010 which is a sign of humanitarian ideals and wacky or weird thinking, like eating organic.

Secondly, Nov. 11, 2010 is coming up, a part of a three digit numerological cycle we've been seeing since Jan. 1, 2001 which will cease and desist in 2013, seeing as there is no 13th month. A 13th month in the calender (or a 13th floor in apartment buildings and hotels, for that matter) would make much more sense, as we would never be bothered with the peskiness of a leap year, ever, though that sort of pagan riff raff has no place in today's logical, empirical society, but I digress.

Some would venture to say that the 'energys' of this day are significantly more than other days, if one indeed has "Eyes to See." These are special X-Ray eyes that very few folks possess which are not on sale at Wal-Mart, so sorry, you can't get some. Let's see, through my astrologically semi-educated filter-inos, what kind of insight we can muster up, shall we?

DISCLAIMER: I'm going to be a good astrologer and a real one who will tell you straight up that a general Sun sign horoscope can only shed so much light, due to its interdependence with the other planets.

This is why horoscopes sometimes seem so general and other times seem accurate  enough. Check our your ascendant or rising sign and/or moon sign if you're aware of what they are.



21th - 23rd March - 20th - 23rd April
Look for expansion in times to come but not necessarily where creativity is concerned, Aries. The cause and effect metaphysical changes spurring this insight is mostly indifferent to you but all in all applies to everyone. Friday through Sunday, though not at their fullest, your energies will be highest for the week, so take advantage of it.

Philosophically speaking, you can take advantage of Mars in Sagittarius by perfecting your art, communication or urges to begin any bloody brawls in times to come, by examining your own motives with more clarity at this time.


21st - 23rd April - 20th - 23rd May
Venus, your ruling planet, has been on her retrograde lately in Scorpio which is as akin to a planet P.M.S.'ing as you're going to get. Thankfully, she moves into Libra though still on her retrograde as this cycle comes toward an end, which still isn't for a little bit.

Venus and Libra are quite friendly toward one and other, so you should literally be feeling some tension being released or at least redirected towards imbalances in general and you should stop feeling as intensely as you have been the last two weeks or so.

21st / 23rd May - 20th / 23rd June
Mercury moves into Sagittarius this Monday which means you may be thinking along more philosophical and entrepreneurial lines or about new beginnings, somehow, more than usual. A portion of your entire mind is geared toward the bigger picture and perhaps if you are so inclined, even religion or heightening your spirituality. If this is the usual for you, you should be seeing these themes bolstered in the upcoming week, especially toward Monday when the Moon, ruling your subconscious thought patterns, joins Mercury in Sagittarius, too.

21st / 23rd June - 20th / 23rd July
This isn't a particularly powerful time for most Cancers, at the moment. You do best when the Moon is in your sign and fullest, whereas, at the moment it is almost fully waned. Now, this doesn't particularly mean that you're not doing well or having good days but that it may be more a time of winding down as opposed to gearing up. Use these days over the coming week to spend time with yourself just relaxing and muting yourself, gathering your stores for winter.

21th / 23rd July - 20th / 23rd August
Leo, Leo, Leo... What are we going to do with you? Come the great 11:11 next Thursday, you may be feeling slightly off kilter so here's your heads up. Make it a good day and battle the demons of your mind with your psychic and mental laser beams of predictability that I now grant you.

With Mercury headed into Sagittarius, a sign somewhat amicable with your own, communications may bolster having you see more for the sake of talk, as opposed to an abundance of calls about business, for example which you may find idle chit chat unless you embrace an opening to talk philosophy you normally wouldn't with certain others.

21st / 24th August - 21st/ 23rd September
Like Gemini, you too are ruled by Mercury and its many influences. We see the ambiguous by nature planet go from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

Now, yours truly has Mercury in Scorpio in her birth chart. Examine the introductions and deliveries of these horoscopes and you'll get a good idea of what the picture here might be. Sagittarius in Mercury, transitioning from Scorpio might be all about smoothing things out, perhaps one could say, being more "on topic" in your life; The topic won't necessarily be as boring as you thought.

21st - 23rd September - 21st - 23rd October
Librans are ruled by Venus, like the Taureans of the zodiac, your sign shedding light on an altogether different aspect of the gorgeous planet and her effects.

Taurus is firm and steady in their convictions, for better or for worse whereas Librans are quite the opposite being much much more moveable and flexible and usually extremely optimistic  to boot. 

Aside from the general facts Venus moves into your sign by Sunday, leaving you feeling much more able to love the self and others, able to let go of suspicions that have haunted you and all in all, I would suspect if you're attached that it may be a nice cozy night in with your mate. If you're single, Sunday night would be a good night to pamper yourself, even if you've got important papers due.

It's easiest to focus on the things that need doing when you're relaxed and taken care of, so stuff your face in moderation and have a nice hot bath early on; You won't need much coaxing to relax.

21st / 23rd October - 21st / 23rd November
Scorpions, at the moment have a few things going on such as heightened communication, reflection on self-love and love for others and where it has gone awry and heavy consideration of your direction in life, no?

The waning Moon is headed back under the influence of Scorpius on Friday until Sunday, where as Venus will be moving out of her domain sometime on Sunday morning, into Libra. Basically, one more big bump in the road of your subconscious early next week and after that, things should start looking a little more downhill.


20th / 23rd November - 20th / 23rd December
Mars is still in your sign, Sagittarius lending a hand to your force and fire! Jupiter, your ruling planet trines Mercury this morning (Thursday the 4th) which bolsters communications near and far.

If your phone isn't ringing off the hook, then expect ease where communication is concerned. Any foreboding talks you've been intending on having with the professor, a friend or parents, now would be a good time to have them and do it today or tomorrow, as Neptune will square your planet very soon, bringing some muddy to the waters. I'm also advising that any creative projects due or intended should be worked on in this time frame, as well.

20th / 23rd December - 18th / 21st January
The Town Crier yells: Mercury moves into Sagittarius! Venus out of Scorpio and into Libra, still retrograde! Mercury trines Jupiter! Blah, blah, blah! None of this really means a whole hell of a lot to you, does it? Probably not, as interesting as you might (or might not) find it to be.

Like with Aries people, this week isn't particularly geared toward or against you, so you should just be floatin' on by.
Some of you with other, more affected signs in your chart unbeknown to yourself, may be feeling more push and pull but you'd have to look those signs up to get the picture accurately. Sorry, Cappy, but at least I don't have any terribly bad news for you.


18th / 21st January - 18th - 21st February
Aquarius, you lovely lovelies! The 11:11 phenomena is interesting to your sign for three reasons of synchronicity: 1) The Moon is in Aquarius for 11:11, 2) Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and 3) There's all this hype about the “Age of Aquarius.”

Yes, we are headed into the Age of Aquarius and technically, by my calculations, this day for you should be a bang on one, metaphorically and accurately representing the image of a more evolved society. If you're an Aquarius and your day sucks, contact me. I have questions for you.

18th / 21st February - 18th / 21th  March
Neptune just came out of her retrograde, Pisces, undoing the knot in the fishes tail. Many a traditional image of the two fish were with their tails tied together.
You should be experiencing greater clarity and ease of motion, as if no longer swimming upstream. So, get ready for the downhill dive. I think it's fairly clear that we'll definitely be seeing some sort of change in you and even if the rest of us seem to miss it, you'll know. It might be the type of change that other people notice, too but it is none the less still, tried tested and true so sayeth the Universe, chaotic, beautiful, change.

For consultations or farther readings, to interpret your Moon or rising sign for a fee of doubloons, please contact Iris through her business 'Nyx Knocking' (403) 942-3033, find her on facebook by looking up 'Nyx Knocking' or contact  through Nirvana Energy at (403) 942-2220.

— By Iris E (Becky Johnston) Special To L.A. Beat
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