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Stars predict wonderful things afoot this week

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Auspicious days, auspicious afternoons and auspicious evenings approach. After many delays, the fates have now set their sights on your esteemed astrologer for this task, once more.
Observing the heavens this week, in the celestial podcast from beyond, quite a few wonderful events are springing up like daisies, despite the snow. Venus and Jupiter, the "good" planets, end their retrogrades, stationing direct the very same day, there will be a full moon in Taurus on Saturday night, Mercury conjuncts Mars and the Sun leaves Scorpio and says hello to Sagittarius. For all those born under the sign Scorpio, remaining Happy Birthdays are due today before all of us are done receiving them tomorrow.
The full moon in Taurus highlights amicable gettings along, a mellow exterior and a leftist stubbornness about the air today and tomorrow that is unshakable and most likely, for the general good weather we want to see that part of it or not. Certain issues come to a roaring climax, but once they reach their apex, the waning noticably ensues for most as we begin to coast downward.
Jupiter, regarding expansion, has been set on contracting inward, facing the personal microcosm, as opposed to its usual expanding, outward and macrocosmic concerns. Many will see their bigger picture viewing lenses, having been fogged up for some time, are now coming clean again.
Venus has been, as I put it "on her retrograde" for nearly a month and a half. For most human women a phenomenon remarkably similar to this only lasts one week out of the month, so we get used to its pattern and frequency. For Venus, a planet virtually embodying the female, it comes much more seldom, building up more and can be the pinnacle of unruliness, especially when Venus is on her retrograde in Scorpio. But all that unpleasantness is now over and as if impregnated with a new sense of what will be more lasting joy, Venus goes on about her merry way, tossing flowers out again around her.

Mercury and Mars conjoining Saturday afternoon amplifies things getting done with hastily and good communication. These two planets are not necessarily for or against one and other but when they pair up, chaos ensues... Kind of like when two intelligent and creative punk rockers meet up with spray paint cans: Things get written on the wall that may either offend or inspire. Either way, whatever tag is left, it's sure to boil over the blood in someone, some way.

DISCLAIMER: A general Sun sign horoscope can only shed so much light, due to its interdependence with the other planets. Check our your ascendant or rising sign and/or moon sign, if you're aware of what they are. Those born at night, pay special
attention to their Moon signs.

Aries - Astro Thunder Cat
March 21-23 to April 20-23
Your closest planetary relative, Mars in his conjunction with Mercury, has you moving fast in accomplishing your daily dues. Use the energies of the conjunct planets to accomplish things of all sorts that have slipped off of your 'to do' list lately but especially where social networking of any important kind is concerned. Either way, you should be moving like lightning. I normally reserve this comment for Geminis but it would also do you well to watch your tongue and your temper in the coming days; Come Thursday, you won't be so inclined. The Sun also leaves Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and enters Sagittarius which makes you feel as if something internally is settling, if creating more questions to come.

Taurus - Bid Adieu to the Foo
April 21-23 to April 20- May 23
Saturday night should be "bangarang" for you which is slang for awesome unless your chart has some very un-Tauran influences in it that surmount your Sun sign’s influences. Venus going direct is better for you than others and can mean the organizing of things around you and a catching up on overdue works in progress. She and Jupiter also speak of your general sense of well being coming back into focus for a bit, allowing you to bid adieu to a restlessness that ha been plaguing you for over a month. The blossoming you'll be seeing as a result will be like a welcome spring cleaning of the soul, before the winter months and their issues hit.

Gemini - White Rabbit

May 21 -23 to June 20-23
The Moon enters your sign for Sunday, so this day should be auspicious and either eventful or successful; either way it should be peaceful. And God knows that the Gemini mind has trouble finding peace through all its internal chatter which, thanks to Mercury and Mars can be put to good use this week, in bounding around from place to place like a white rabbit in a vest with a nice watch, who needn't fear his own tardiness.

Cancer - Magick Donut Sprinkles

June 21- 23   to June 20- July 23
Full moons for the Cancer personality are like sprinkles to the magick donuts. If this statement puts at least a little grin on your face, then good ... That means you've had magick donuts and aren't they yummy? Yes, they are! Glad we agree. This weekend has you not feeling so crabby as at times you do and instead puts a smile on your face that you may or may not have expected. Where the rest of the signs are seeing a steady gain from Jupiter and Venus over the next week, you will feel the restored ease of their effects but not quite as strongly as others and may find yourself productively contemplative.

Leo - Stretching' In The Sun

July 21- 23 to  Aug. 20-Aug. 23
Mars is pairing up with Mercury to do some art terrorism, a-la mohawks and spray paint. You're a fire sign, you should dig this concept at least a little; Speaking your mind, giving the word an image or writing it publicly, expressing yourself freely. The full Moon on Taurus has you fixed in whatever cushy spot you find yourself in, most likely. Like a cat basking in a bright windowsill, the Sun's entry into fellow fire sign Sagittarius mellows you out some, allowing one to put away the claws.

Virgo - Speak In Wooden Tongues

Aug. 21- 24 to Sept. 21- Sept. 23
Your mind speeds up this week with deeper thoughts, more on the agenda than usual and an impeccable ability to speak about it so easily, you could be over-pouring with all the gusto you've got. It seems you're between discussing the contents of your daily planner in order to refocus and running out the door to fulfill them. The full Moon in Taurus leaves you grounded, despite this bravado. Venus and Jupiter’s effects are helping you as much as every one else, to even out and release with Mercury aiding you even more than some in loosening your wooden tongue.

Libra - A Gorgeous Smile

Sept. 21 - 23 to Oct. 21 - Oct. 23
Libra should be seen shining as one of the brightest stars on the scene this entire week and for some time to come. More than the rest of the crew, you're feeling like a weight the size of Texas has lifted off your shoulders or like a piano that fell,
missed your head for a reason. You're finally feeling like the gears most good are turning toward your future at an accelerating rate and are most likely, in some spot in your mind, very pleased about this. The full moon in Taurus should be a dazzling
night, even if you're bound up at work, showing your gorgeous smile bright as day.

Scorpio - Debilitating A Disability

Oct. 21- 23 to  Nov. 21- Nov. 23
Debilitating a disability — an awesome power if you ask me. But I would say that, as I'm a Scorpio and it's better than talking about our usual Mars oriented cerebral battle. Scorpio knows too well that we are at war with ourselves. For a change, the white flag is waving and we are crawling out from under our rocks to see that all of the heavy footed rumbles are fading. We have work to do. I'm not sure what scorpions do for work exactly but whatever you happen to do, after Saturday night, focus will return concerning the long run of things. A knot of self-undoing is also untangling and you're free to love your self or your spouse better as you have in the past, once more.

Sagittarius - Take Aim... CHARGE!

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23
A great analogy for Sagittarius is the knight on the white horse, riding up to the castle where a princess is held, as she watches from her window love struck and him, equally as enamored, gallops hither. Or there's the typical centaur which for you
girls out there, we can pretend is female or male, aiming a bow and arrow at a bulls-eye they do not intend to miss. Welcome back, Sun, to the realm of the archers and the gallant. The full Moon in Taurus places some importance on a certain possession or the concept in general, for you, making material goods somehow more important. Analogously The week should be like a sort of homecoming.

Capricorn - A Generally Mellow Fellow

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21
This sign represents the children who are most like little adults, being ethical and reserved, finds itself a little more hot headed than usual but still as evenly tempered as can be, of course. Most of these people know very well how to control their anger, if their soul has matured at all. If you are finding yourself saying things that you do not mean or speaking out of turn, simply laugh and take a note on the lesson you are so very capable of learning. You being so very work-oriented, can apply my advice to that area of life. The Jupitarian and Venusian influences of the day, the removal of retrogrades in other words, are like veils lifted.

Aquarius - The Master Makers

Jan. 18- 21 to Feb. 18-21
For many moons, the stars in your eyes have been crystallizing and you are so much more than well on your way to seeing ideals manifest. Take a moment to look at what you've been cultivating and see that so much of the dream has been coming true. The inventor and master maker you are, sure there might be some tweaking to do but all in the name of experimentation, for the way you've planned things, it's simply elemental! Your tongue is sharper than you really know, despite all your humanitarian urges but network-wise, you've got the motivation to complete tasks this week. Venus and Jupiter out of retrograde stations, moving forward once more shed light more brightly than in at least a month on your romantic life and the broad spectrum of your future... Finally, IT'S Alive!!

Pisces - Demon Cleaner

Feb. 18-21  to March 18-21
The full Moon in Taurus leaves you feeling a little unable to swim in such cold waters Saturday but the ice starts to break apart a bit this weekend. If it weren't for Jupiter and Venus's decisions to move ahead in tandem, you may be worse for wear but thankfully, you're gliding around the icy obstacles of any glaciers above smoothly and soundly. Sometimes you may feel you have the ability to literally watch yourself cleaning your own demons when suddenly, they look more like a wet, soapy
dog than anything remotely scary.

For consultations or further readings, to interpret your Moon or rising sign for a fee of doubloons, please contact Iris through Nyx Knocking (403) 942-3033.
Find her on facebook by looking up 'Nyx Knocking' or contact through Nirvana Energy at (403) 942-2220.

— By Iris E (Becky Johnston) Special to L.A. Beat
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