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You are not your sign

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There have been rumours about astrology in the media lately. Perhaps you've noticed?
Apparently, you're not your sign anymore according to the Globe and Mail, Fox News and CNN. So it must be true. It's a good thing I'm listening to a song about how vegemite tastes like asses, or else my humor might not be so aroused. This has opened up a bad smelling can of worms over 2,000 years old ‚ super stinky. I would like to explain why someone should have consulted an astrologer before publishing this as "news."

What makes the whole situation less amusing is the ever-noticable lack of consideration given or research done by the media which frankly has been the norm, only that this time it's hitting me in a form closer to home.

But here's an interjection with an article that concisely puts into perspective the recent news and it's silliness, entitled "OMFG, I'm not an Aries?!" by astrologer Austin Coppock.

You don't have to "believe" in astrology to comprehend this information is inherently inaccurate. Here's why: There have been many different types of astrology for a very, very long time that are used for different purposes. Whether astrology works or not, the system used most commonly here in the west names the signs after the 12 largest constellations in the sky.

The signs do not directly coincide with the area in the sky that these constellations take up, okay?
It does not matter what our north and south poles are doing, in the same way it does not matter that there are another 76 constellations that are not included in regular western astrology. So forget about whether or not you prescribe to astrology, the announcements as of late are completely bogus as far as factual information on the reality of the study and how it's done — effective or ludicrous.

Little information about the "new" constellation: Astrologers have known about the Ophiuchus for about as long as they've known about the other constellations above (since well before the time of Christ.) It is the constellation where we derive one or two medical symbols — the staff of Asclepius, relating to the mythology of Ophiuchus and the caduceus, relating to Hermes, Mercury or Thoth, all known to be gods of medicine at some point in time. One is a staff with a single snake coiled around it while the other is a staff with two snakes coiling. The caduceus peculiarly resembles the double helix of our D.N.A..

Also, interestingly enough, if we had a calender year of 13 months, there would never be a leap year as the months would follow the moon in her cycles and the year would be essentially 'perfect.' it was superstition on account of the ruling religion at the time the Gregorian calender was fully embraced (can you guess which one that was?) responsible for the lacking calender month.

At one point in my astrological endeavours, I too, thought that this thirteenth sign was viable before learning why it was not. A thirteenth month, however, I'm all up or down for. We could call it Ockvember or Februarch. Any other ideas?

The phenomena everyone has been talking about does not equate to people's tattoos being wrong, either. This is not new information and surely should not imply astrologers as a creed know nothing of astronomy which many articles verily imply.
There are some that know less about the planets and stars than others but the study as a whole has a much richer history than you're likely to see spouted from the mouth of a curious 17- year-old enamoured with astrology. Or even a 50-year-old
skeptic who has never laid eyes on a book about the subject. Or even a newscaster reading from a teleprompter.

This most recent "news" confirms people everywhere will believe almost anything at the drop of a hat, once more. What's even more sad is that no one directly says that astrology isn't so but it rudely implies that these media moguls and ignorant astronomers know more about the subject than astrologers themselves. Wouldn't it have been nice to hear an astrologer's take on this? Or at least, much less biased?
The media once again, has clearly pulled the wool over our sheepish eyes.

The classic movie Network comes to mind, where the mass infection of "the tube" (or television) dominates all and the main character, at the climax of the movie, makes a live stand, on air. He poses questions about our lives and our hearts and asks if we're listening to anything outside of our boxes. Boxes can be found everywhere, in astrology and in science, in religion, governments or an educational system, little boxes made of ticky tacky that all look just the same. With each of these examples, the greatest thinkers of all time have sought to think outside of the box and only then, were the newest and brightest, most socially-mind expanding conclusions
arrived at.

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— by Iris E,  Special to L.A. Beat
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