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Harry is my homeboy — beware of Mercury in retrograde: Aug. 1-7

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Mercury is about to go retrograde! Expect technical difficulties, communication breakdowns, missing the bus or appointments and all around tom foolery on behalf of the Universe and maybe even the entirety of all multiverses, too. Hey, it's a possibility.

Horoscopes are most accurate when casting a birth chart for an individual and not so much when done for all people falling under a single sign. This is how horoscopes have earned a reputation for being generalized; however, they can be a little accurate, at times, for some. So, for your entertainment, to get the most out of reading daily horoscopes, find out your Moon sign and rising sign. The Moon sign can be paid special importance to if you were born in the evening or at night. To find out what yours are, go to

Aries - Mars is your Homeboy

March 21 - 23 to April 20 - 23

This week Mars shifts from Gemini into Cancer which everyone may seem to feel, though you guys especially. You’re ruled by Homeboy Mars and he's the one dancing his way into an entirely different kind of scene. You will find yourself thinking less and feeling more, especially when it comes to your car, your house, your toaster and even your dog. Your “things” suddenly become oddly comforting and feelings of attachment or downright possessiveness may develop. But... But... My PS3 just so soothing.

Taurus - Venus is your Homegirl

April 21 - 23 to May 20 - 23

May it first be said that everyone seems to be feeling Mars's shift from Gemini into Cancer, making us all much more sensitive in both positive and negative ways. I'd say with Venus, your Homegirl in the fifth House (akin to Leo,) riding a lion, you should be on your game, feeling your heart de-grinch, expand and generally, strutting your stuff. Live long and prosper. Although, the Mercury retrograde still looms over us all.

Gemini - Mercury is your Homeboy/girl
May 21- 23 to June 20- 23

Mercury is about to go retrograde which hits you harder than others, unless you were born with Mercury in retrograde in which case, it may have the complete opposite effect on you, than others. Thankfully, for all you Geminis, especially, Mercury is in Virgo which counteracts the retrograde's ability to completely derail any form of prudence or routine. Due to your electric and thought-oriented mind, missed signals don't go over well, and yet, you're full of them. A watched pot never boils and over-analyzing will get you down.

Cancer - The Moon is your Homegirl
June 21- 23 to July 20-23  
The focus for you right now lays with orienting yourself to others, as usual, whether your realize it or not. But, I think you do, no matter how much you enjoy your time alone in the comfortable environment called your shell, hidden away from the outside world. You'll be feeling slightly less angsty come Tuesday. Yay! Unless of course, the Mercury retrograde kicks your ass. Patience, come that day, or you will be thwarted thusly.

Leo - The Sun is your Homeboy

July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23

Happy birthday, Leos, and here's to yet another trip around the Sun, your Homeboy.
Party at your place! And everyone has been being especially nice to you, haven't they? Feel as if you're on a bit of a pedestal then, do you? Probably have been with all those extra snuggles and cuddles. All beware the spooky upcoming Mercury retrograde... Uhm... Anything else, for you? No, mostly, Leo gets to be a happy kitty for right now.

Virgo - Mercury is your Homeboy/girl, too

Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23

The bad news is that Mercury is about to go retrograde. The good news is that it's going retrograde in the sign of Virgo. So, this means all of your shortcomings are front page news. It also means that your good qualities get a special column all to themselves, too. You, like the rest of us, are feeling Mars' shift into Cancer, wherefore captain super sensitivity then becomes your inner editor. At least you're feeling a little more compassionate than normally but do watch you aren't isolating from others or worst, yourself.

Libra - Venus is your Homegirl, too

Sept. 21 - 23to Oct. 21 - 23

Something has been rubbing you the wrong way this past little while and that doesn't seem to be going away entirely, the irritation just dulls over time. Don't file for irreconcilable differences quite yet but do scope out the what-would-be deal on pre-nuptials; Shows how much they really care. Sorry for the thick metaphor but all will come out in the wash. Libra is a happy sign and it's a happy time, when the Sun and Venus are in Leo.

Scorpio - Mars and Pluto are your Homeboys
Oct. 21- 23 to Nov. 21-23

Ancestry seems somehow relevant at the moment, with Pluto being retrograde in Capricorn. Thoughts go out to past and future generations. Mars shifts from double-faced Gemini into the crab infested waters of Cancer. Watch out for sudden bursts of emotion and impatience and general sensitivity. Everyone is feeling this shift and it tends to highlight your Sun sign's positive and negative traits.

Sagittarius - Jupiter is your Homeboy

Nov. 20 - 23 to Dec. 20-23

Trucking along smoothly, old king Jupiter remains firmly seated on the back of the bull. This is a good time for Sagittarius with so many traveling, and with the Sun and Venus inhabiting the domain of fellow fire sign, Leo. Pride and narrow-mindedness must be considered at this time and, as with everyone else, watch for the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Travel safely and don't be late for your very important date.

Capricorn - Saturn is your Homeboy
Dec 20. - 23  to Jan. 18 - 21

Anything going on legally for any of you? Hmm. Well, questions of balance and of what's ethical or not may be likely to arise then. Reconciling opposite wants and needs, ideas and "realities" may be a key issue for you at the moment. It also may not be easily possible. Cut your losses, accept there are sometimes two different worlds surrounding you simultaneously and be well with that.

Aquarius - Uranus is your Homeboy

Jan. 18- 21 to Feb. 18- 21

It almost seems as if you're watching your back and keeping it covered well. You have nothing to hide but you're playing it safe, keeping it simple and with the Sun and Venus being in Leo, you tend to seem a little muted. But despite Aquarius being a very social sign, it can be contradictory in also tending to be very shy at the same time, keeping to oneself. You're on the outside of a box, lately, but no worries, you always sort of are and you know how to deal with that.

Pisces - Neptune is your Homegirl
Feb. 18-21 to March 18-21

Yes, Neptune would be considered feminine in Astrology, not like the male God of the Sea. Strangeness seems to be evoked from Neptune's position in Aquarius. How are these times strange for you? Pisces lives in a dream world most of the time, so this isn't entirely unusual. Anyhoo, like the rest of the space squad, watch out for falling computers, broken alarm clocks, figurative set backs in communications, over-sensitivity and hiding out to much at home.

- by Iris E. (Becky Johnston) special to L.A. Beat.
For consultations, questions, harassment, and devotional confessions, write Iris here: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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