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H-Bomb wins Lethbridge College Student’s Association band wars

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 I only caught a few bands at the latest edition of the Lethbridge Students Association Band Wars, Oct. 19, but luckily it was acts I had never heard before.

 I had heard the other competitors, The Void, the Utilities, Lustre Creame, Shocked Standards and Sacred Savage, so knew pretty much what to expect from them, but arrived in tiRapper H Bomb won  the LEthbridge College Student's Association band wars, Oct. 19. Photo by Richard Ameryme to hear Lethbridge rapper H-Bomb. While he’s opened for a lot of big name rappers in Lethbridge, I’ve never caught his act.

 H-Bomb dropped a lot of F-bombs, and armed only with a mic, pre-recorded beats in the background plus glittering and dancing associate Party Man, ended up winning the entire event.

He knew how to work the crowd, getting them to raise their hands in the air, then threw glow sticks and balloons into their midst while getting them to chant  “go, go ,go,” then “H-Bomb is number one.” He left the stage, while Party Man, dressed in a glittering home made suit of mirrors, and sporting sunglasses and fedora, demonstrated his best Michael Jackson moves. H-Bomb then returned to thank the audience.

I had never heard of Outlets, who were up next and ended up placing second, but the young band blew me away with an immediately accessible sound which exhibited a range of influences.

 They only played three songs, beginning with a country tinged ’90s style pop-rock number reminiscent of the Gin Blossoms. Their rhythm guitarist sang a beautiful R and B/ pop tinged “baby making” ballad (according to the judges), which was soulful and gorgeous. Even I could tell that though I hate ballads with a passion.

Outlets placed second in Band Wars. Photo by Richard Amery
 They ended with a more psychedelic, Brit rock tinged song, “Jericho,” which was also powered by a tasteful Stratocaster solo. The Strat powered everything with lots of blues, while the other guitarist added R and B and even a touch of jazz.

 The other band I was pleased to see was The Avulsion, who are usually involved with all ages gigs at the Moose Hall. They were a complete contrast to the melodies of Outlets The Avulsion playing Band Wars. Photo by Richard Ameryand the high energy rap of H Bomb.

 They provided an aural bludgeoning with intense drums by playing bone chilling death metal from the depths of hell along the lines of Carcass and White Zombie.

They had a guitarist and bassist playing deathly detuned riffs and two vocalists alternately howling and growling and screeching like a cat caught in a car’s fan belt.

They banged their heads in a flurry of flying hair and had the crowd into it.

H-Bomb placed first, followed by The Outlets, who placed second, while the Void, who played at the beginning of the show, ended up in third place.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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