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Some Scope for the week of May 26 - June 2, 2014

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If you know your astrology and are aware of your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign and your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, please read the Scopes for the Signs of all three; The Moon sign being especially important for those born in the evening or at night, likewise the Sun for those of you born at dawn or during the day.

March 21-23 to April 20-23

Things will likely seem to be making a bit more sense in the last week or so than they likely have in months. Puzzle pieces coming together with Mars finally ending its retrograde cycle in Libra. Social affairs will seem to get moving again and you ought to find yourself having an emotionally and communicationally stimulating week.

April 21-23 to May 20-23

Venus Herself moves into Taurus early this week, giving life a softer feel for those of you born under this Venus ruled Sun sign. Venus in Taurus also trines Mars in Libra which is ruled by the same planet, making for harmonious social circumstances, friends coming to your assistance, receiving help, and making time for particular personal comforts has the potential to ease us more deeply than usual in coming days. Stillness is in the wind on the green pastures.


May 21-23 to June 20-23

Your emotions may be stirring more than usual this week with Mercury's movement into Cancer, so beware of experiencing heightened sensitivity, taking things all too personally when they need not be. Remain open past feelings of critique or annoyance. There is a profound sense of grounding in the air, positive connections with a nurturing theme, and revisitation of old, possible expressly female friends.

June 21-23 to July 20-23

Though the week begins for you feeling sluggish, it picks up speed quickly and situations that at first appear to be conflictive may unravel more easily than suspected with a little communication applied, despite heavy feeling emotion. Intuition will be sharp later nearing the end of the week, with the weekend bringing a sense of pride and maybe a little action.

July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23

The Sun, your ruling “planet,” is quite busy for the next seven days. Come Wednesday, prepare yourself for a sense of writers block or a feeling of creative inability, perhaps lack of motivation with something about the material plane feeling its gone awry. On the weekend a saving social grace has the potential to get your gears going in fantastic ways if you chose to embrace it. The weight of the Sun Neptune square affecting creativity can be quite depressive, but hey, what are friends for?

Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23

Like with your Mercurially ruled Geminian counterparts though Gemini be an Aire sign and you are an Earth sign, there is a sense of centring this week though more deeply for the Virgo personality than Gemini. Feelings and emotions are running a bit of amok and can manifest with extra scrutiny on your end, and a tendency to pick things apart when you're hurt. On the flip side, you may find yourself surprisingly able to relate to people concerning what your preferences are. Work on finding similarities and watch relationships begin or continue to grow as a result of how you played your strategy.

Sept. 21-23 to Oct. 21 - 23

Close friends that border on acquaintances, colleagues, housemates, work associated and the like may have you feeling a little stressed or isolated, or with some dilemma therein. There is a certain pressure on your sign right now with Mars just having left its retrograde, now moving direct in Libra creating the aforementioned tensions, but Venus moving into Taurus making a harmonious aspect with Mercury this week with Mars also makes a positive aspect to the Sun in Taurus. In English, it's time to come back down to Earth, get reacquainted with your old self and attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Oct. 21-23 to Nov. 21-23

The beginning of the week has a building energy, in my mind relating to the homestead and creature comforts, buckling down, focusing, but most appropriately grounding and taking care of the self. Towards the end of the week the tone is definitely more lively, the weekend is not a time for acting the Hermit, but rather is for conveying important ideas, socializing for the sake of a group oriented-task or just a meeting of minds. There is also a strong emotional pull to the weekend lending to sharpened intuition.

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23

There is a particular connection to mother figures, aunts, sisters, daughters, female mentors and close friends who are women. Something I'm getting for Sagittarius this week highly relates to the deep draws of connection at the root, whether it be with blood ties or not. If this is lacking in your life, perhaps it will simply be a subject to be broached in a subliminal way. Generally, the sense of things is auspicious and not negative or disharmonious.

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21

An excellent week for formulating your own personal execution plan where the concerns of worth, and your own depth lay. So, you want to know about job satisfaction? Why you do what you do? Should you keep on keeping on doing it? Or is now simply the time for figuring out the next plan of action. This week sets you up for this mode of thinking, astrologically speaking, with a mind in the zone for sniffing out opportunities. As a point of general advice for Capricorns in all areas: Go for what pulls you at the deepest levels.

Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18-21

Thinking about yourself is what matters right now - Total self-focus concerning what decisions you need to make, what you want or as I like to say, what serves you are called for reflecting upon right now. There is a period of laying low upon Aquarians though not necessarily of a lack of social life at all though this is more a time of planning, coordinating, and manifesting extremely personal desires and passions. Ask yourself only the question of what it is you're truly going for and understand that this applies to your friendships and how you man that ship, as well.

Feb. 18-21 to March 18-21

The current celestial circumstances for your sign look rather pleasant, this being a time for personal creativity to feel natural, material concerns being stable for most of you, and social relationships coming into a focus that makes a lot of sense, achieving a feeling of growth and finally, movement; However, there is a square to the Sun coming up that basically acts as the tipping point toward too much of a good thing which can lead to deeply profound questioning of the nature of relationships, something Pisces is good at ... sometimes too good.

—By Iris E (Becky Johnston), Special to L.A. Beat

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