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Horoscopes for July 13- July 20, 2015

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If you know your astrology and are aware of your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign and your Rising Sign, also called the Ascendant, please read the Scopes for the Signs of all three; The Moon sign being especially important for those born in the evening or at night, likewise the Sun for those of you born at dawn or during the day. See my page on Facebook called 'Nyx Knox' for any questions or inquiries.

March 21 - April 19

The theme of the week is sensitivity, all around, for every one, mostly everywhere, and not due to one small calculation but by the sheer amount of planets highly affected by the sign Cancer. When the Sun enters Cancer and Mercury along with it for example, you can be sure this particular influence of the sign comes out verbally and through written communications. You might notice this more in social media between the end of June and late July. In your case, with your ruling planet also in the sign of the Crab tightly bunched with the Sun and Mercury, you will be feeling this heightened emotional state to the umpteenth degree. You are more Fire than you are Water, so this can have a tendency to boil your blood a bit. Keep calm and stay nurturing.
April 20 - May 20

Venus has been riding the tail end of its time in Leo, approaching movement into the sign of the Virgin where you find the general tone of your days becoming more down to Earth with less of an often too hot to handle fiery spark, but please note, you aren't out of the woods just yet. If you can observe the last two weeks and exactly how the sign of Leo has been influencing you, then act until Friday with all of that helpful stuff in mind, using the information to slowly tend the dying embers of the last month’s busy activities.
May 21- June 20

 With Mercury entering Cancer leaving Gemini last week, don't be surprised if you find your emotions all in a tither as well as that of others. This means potential verbal outbursts most likely by you, especially in the realm of children if you have them. Or they may concern values relating to house and home and even ethics, but it could also indicate family activity around you becoming quite heavy or other people whose emotions are awry. Family and emotions flaring up sort of go hand in hand. Either way, I think it's fair to expect some friction in or around your home this coming week. Understand this sort of trial can be exactly the thing needed to bust through to new understanding, if we are willing to have our protective shells cracked; It is possible to outgrow a shell and equally possible that a shell could outgrow you. Wait, what?
June 21 - July 22

With Mercury having entered your sign four days ago where it will remain until Aug. 5, you may find yourself having an awful lot to say mostly in the realm of how you feel. You may be wearing your emotions on your sleeve as we are all inclined to do during the Season of the Crab, that magickal time of year when you celebrate your birthday. Dodging tactics, including skirting around or deliberately avoiding issues may actually be helpful from time to time. Sometimes, facing things head on can be great and all, but sometimes, and Cancer knows this well, it's best to actually crawl away to more agreeably sandier beaches. Either that, or the famous crabby pincer technique can work wonders... It works well if you're playing the game 'Risk', anyway.

July 23 - Aug. 22

The Sun approaches the Sign of Leo, where it sits happily in a throne of sorts, wearing its crown, but not for another week and a half. Until then, you are still faced with the planet ruling your Sign opposing dark, mysterious Pluto which rules over the very nature of forces of the occult. Once again we revel, journeying still deeper into the bored tunnels of the psyche of the Lion, in the case of this week, probing the subject of the wounded warrior and healer, specifically in terms of what is honest and fair to others. The question is in the answer to Chaos, and the Uranian/Ouranian. Get in touch with your full spectrum of emotions relating to your home and familial relationship on every intimate level you can.
Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

Venus leaves Leo entering your sign by the time the weekend rolls around. In the area of love and relationships, where the relative fires sparked of her time there die down into ashes, reducing much of the last month’s Leonine heat to a nice simmer until Friday. A sense of grounding that may feel like a breath of fresh air should kick in over the weekend leaving you a little more at home in your own skin despite any of your surroundings. With so much in the sky influenced by the sign Cancer right now, Mars, the Sun and Mercury, all conjunct, there's a lot of tension on the home-front for everyone. However, the feelings will wane by Friday, leading to a fruitful harvest of your personal best over the following days.

Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

Venus is still in the throes of the Lion's embrace until the weekend, when she enters the plentiful pastures of bountiful Virgo. Libra, one sign with the ruling planet Venus (the other being Taurus), enjoys a Virgoan influence about her. It grounds her charm, earths her charisma and helps her bring home the pseudo-bacon or veggies to cook a mean savoury meal for vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike. What I'm getting at is that we all need to come down from our emotional highs some time or another. Unfortunately with Venus in a stressful aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, you may feel as if your foundations are crumbling. Don't worry, they are, internally. And if you aren't feeling it now, hindsight is 20/20. No matter though, as ‘this is all temporary,’ should be your mantra. You'll be seeing things in a very different light by Friday.
Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Some rather interesting things are happening in the sky involving the Sun, Mercury, your ruling planet Mars, and a lot of what's in the celestial airs right now has influentially been hailing from the sign Cancer. Was that too much of a mouthful? Well, get ready to bite off more than you can chew as you may feel later in the week that this had been your secret plan and motivation all along, as bad as it may sting. With Pluto opposing Mars, spiritual themes will become of utmost importance; Man withers without a spiritual component. You are being called to zone into your most unplumbed depths this week, taking you all the way down to the certain sources of your private, unanswered questions. At least the potential is there but only if you're willing to unearth them. Dig deep.
Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

You're sitting pretty for the moment as it were which means there's nothing pulling at you too tremendously so you cannot handle it. We all get a little squeamish during the end of June, early July as the Sun in Cancer makes us vulnerable. Venus being in Leo the past little while, you've likely been feeling your confidence rising and haven't been having much trouble socially making end meet. If anything, you'll notice yourself feeling more sensitive, maybe even displaying this verbally like the rest of us, but by the weekend, you may be glancing around suspiciously wondering why everything feels so calm. That's because it is. Fires must mellow so just enjoy the glow.

Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Understand, your greater sense of "karma" or of what goes around, coming around is not as important as what more prideful parts of us might like to think. It's not about what we want to happen or how things appear but about what does happen and how things actually are. Pride cometh before the fall, Capricorn, and I know you've got a little Devil inside of you. It works hard, I'll give it that. Let go of what should be and admit to yourself how you wanted them to be versus how they turned out. This reflection will be most helpful. Come Friday night, the world will seem a much saner place and "karma" will appear to have made itself understood.

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

The Stars are extremely clear in their message to you right now as it's all bound up in one majorly important aspect, that of a squaring between the Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. You have two choices. One of them is to your benefit whereas the other is not: Choice A) You focus on family, the environment(s) that you can call "home" both externally and internally, comfort and the like, or Choice B) Yourself. Can you spot the wiser choice provided where your focus was last week? Uranus in Aries puts a primary focus on the self, but it's dominated by the Sun in Cancer to such an extent it completely changes the definitive view of the term 'personal'. In Aries, we focus on self-restoration, self-focus, self-starting, selflessness, etc., You get the picture, but with Cancer, the self looks less like a single 30-something motivational speaker or entrepreneur and more like a family man.

Feb. 19 - March 20

Justice appears to be on your side this week, with the characters and scenes set to empower you in the realm of the great balancing act. You are able to have a smile on your face as you walk tight rope this week. Just don't juggle too hard. Mars trines your ruling planet indicating a significantly harmonious period. Being that this happens involving the Martial planet, your inner Warrior may have a time coming out to play jester. Unlike other signs, Pisces is less affected by the highly emotional influences of the sign Cancer, and they find themselves able to see quite clearly under Water, I.E. emotional pressure.
— by Soror Iris E, Special To L.A. Beat

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