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Farewell show for Makiisma among this week’s highlights

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Whoop Up Days is coming, which means lots of music in Exhibition Park will be happening, but there is a lot happening before that.A farewell show for Megan Brown is at the Slice, Aug. 17. Photo by Richard Amery
On Thursday, Aug. 16, Terrific Kids Arts Collective present Winnipeg noise rock/post punk band  Pleasure Dens, who will be performing with  Chief Mountain and Cope at the old Firehall at 9 p.m. Admission is $10.

On the weekend there are plenty of shows. Say goodbye to local musician Megan Brown, who is on the road again. Her band Makiisma and Tyson Borsboom play the Slice Aug. 17. Ghost Woman, Birch Barks and Brenna Lowrie provide indie rock at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 17 as well.

Over at the Casino, the Mark Hall Band will be playing country music.
 There will be more country music at the Slice, Aug 18 with George Arsene and Corduroy Brown.

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Carolyn Mark bringing Ragtag Misfits to Lethbridge

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The ever bubbly and talented Carolyn Mark returns to Lethbridge on Tuesday, Aug 21 to play the Owl Acoustic Lounge with old friend Kris Demeanor and new friends Shirley Gnome and Manitoba based, Germany based “Old Seed” as part of the  Ragtag Misfits Tour.

Carolyn Mark returns to Lethbridge with Kris Demeanor, Shirley Gnome and Old Seed, Aug. 21. Photo by Richard Amery
“ I’ve never toured with them before. I’ve toured a lot with Kris, but Shirley Gnome is a new friend and so is Old Seed. But we’re taking two separate cars just in case we don’t get along,” Mark giggled from Winnipeg where she is getting ready to play the Times Changed in Winnipeg with Kris Demeanor and Geoff Berner before heading to the Trout Forest music Festival north-east of Kenora, Ontario.

“ It‘s a like south Country Fair. It is about the same size and has a a similar vibe, except it is next to a lake,” she said, adding Berner won’t be coming  to Lethbridge with them.

“He’s flying home to spend time with family,”she said, adding she is excited to play with Shirley Gnome.
“I met her at Artswells. And I drove from Vancouver to Victoria with her. She’s hilarious.  I went to her show in Victoria and I didn’t take my eyes off her.  All her songs are just filthy. After her show she said to me ‘I guess Victoria people don’t get jokes.’ I said ‘It’s because you’re such a beautiful singer, they were listening to that,” Mark continued.

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Tennyson King warms up Wide Skies audience at pre-afterparty

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As the sodden masses trickled in from Wide Skies music Festival to the Slice, Tuesday, July 31 for the Tom Phillips after -party, Toronto musician Tennyson King was just getting started with a solid solo set of original music.

 He toldTennyson King entertaining at the Slice before the Wide Skies after party. Photo by Richard Amery  stories about his travels to Australia, played some sweet guitar and sang pretty melodies in a voice reminiscent of Darius Rucker and Dave Mathews.

 He looped a few rhythms to solo soulfully over them and added rhythm  by kicking at a kick drum placed behind him.

— by Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 August 2018 11:16 )

Rain drenches Wide Skies outdoor festival but doesn’t wash away the fun

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Wide skies Music Festival free show outside Southminster United Church, July 31 was a lot of fun at least until a surprise downpour rained out  Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer.Ryan Weber of the Weber Brothers at wide skies music Festival. photo by Richard Amery
 I arrived mid way through The Weber Brother’s energetic set of up tempo folk, which also  played with some blues and even gospel music.

 Shakura S’Aida  playing the wide Skies music Festival, July 30 at Southminster United Church. Photo by Richard Amery
 It was just The Brothers — Sam and Ryan, sans their hot band, but they killed it as a duo.

They played a variety of tracks from throughout their career, but focused a lot on their new CD “Patches.”
 Sam Weber, the lead guitarist told a story about playing one of the songs “Old record” for a tough but supportive audience of  Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot and their mentor Ronnie Hawkins.

Upright bassist Ryan Weber alternated between that and acoustic guitar, showing he was just as talented on the guitar as on the bass. Sam switched to a Gibson SG for some of the more uptempo bluesy numbers including “Free Your mind.”

 That’s exactly what Shakura S’Aida  did on her main stage set, singing powerful blues music along the lines of Koko Taylor. she was backed by a solid band chock full of groove and attitude including a hot lead guitarist and a tough looking steel guitarist. She told stories  and let her band shone on a couple of long instrumental jams, before belting out a sweet cover of the Doobie Brothers “Taking it To the Street.”

The Tom Phillips band playing an afterparty at the Slice for the Wide Skies music Festival, July 30 at Southminster United Church. Photo by Richard Amery
 On the side stage Shaye Zedravic and Skinny Dyck and the Chicken Catchers delivered a sweet set of plaintive singer songwriter material.
 And just as Tom Phillips was getting warmed up  with the Chicken Catchers backing him, lightning crashed and the deluge fell, causing most of the audience to either leave or flee into the sanctuary of the church, hoping to wait it out and let Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer bring the show to a close. But it was not to be.

 Luckily Phillips was also scheduled to play an after party at the Slice with his hot band. this was fantastic. He sang authentic county music  as a tight band of bassist Tim Leacock, backup singers Shaye and Cindy Zedravic and local musicians drummer TylRyan Weber  asnd Sam Weber play an afterparty at the Owl at the Wide Skies music Festival, July 31.  Photo by Richard Ameryer Bird, lead guitarist Shael Pezderic and Skinny Dyck on steel guitar had a few people dancing  out of a fair sized crowd, especially on a Tuesday night.

The Weber Brothers had a better turnout for their after party at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, delivering more of the same from their main stage set. So they cracked a few jokes and played a bit of folk and a lot of intense blues which had the whole room hopping by the end of their set for a hot version of rock and roll “Lawdie Miss Claudie.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 August 2018 11:09 )

Shovels and Rope and Little Miss Higgins show duos do it better for Wide Skies Music Festival

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The Wide Skies Music festival opened on July 30 at Southminster United Church with the first of two paid concerts showing how duos do it better.
 Little Miss Higgins and South Carolina duo Shovels and Rope opened Wide Skies in the sweltering Southminster United Church for an enthusiastic and sweating audience.Shovels and Rope perform at Southminster united Church for Wide Skies Music Festival. photo by Richard Amery
I always enjoy Little Miss Higgins, and haven’t seen her for a while.

 She  and lead guitarist Eric Lemoine focused on music from their last two albums “My Home, My Heart” and “Bison Ranch recording Sessions.”

Lead singer Jolene Higgins told stories about living all over the place and including Brooks, where her mom lives, noting she kindly consented to look after Higgins and Lemoine’s three-year-old toddler while they were on tour. She told that story to preface a new song “Belly Full of Baby” early in the set. She noted usually the song has a trumpet lead, which she attempted to whistle.

Little Miss Higgins and Eric Lemoine perform at Southminster united Church for Wide Skies Music Festival. photo by Richard Amery
 Musically, Lemoine started playing slide on dobro and switched to guitar while Higgins switched between ukulele and guitar. They had a laid back breezy, hippyish vibe.

 They picked up the tempo a little with  ABC Blues, once again inspired by trying to find time to write new music while  raising a child, and the always wonderful “Chateau Poulet.”
 they introduced a brand new song “ Top of the Mountain,” written around a poem composed by Higgins’ Auntie Joyce, who was in the audience.
One of my newer favourites “ Put The Needle on” was a highlight midway through their set.Shovels and Rope perform at Southminster united Church for Wide Skies Music Festival. photo by Richard Amery

 Shovels and Rope were on a whole other level, building a massive sound based on the multi-instrumental prowess of Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent. They didn’t say a lot in between songs as they were both busy leaping between a variety of instruments including a piano, mandolin drum kit, guitars and much more. It was  all the more impressive watching each of them switching instruments and simultaneously  playing drums and keyboards and bass on keyboards.

Their lyrics were darkly poetic stories full of passion and stunning visuals. “Gasoline,” “Boxcar” and “ the Devil Is All Around” were a few of the many highlights as was “Birmingham.”

 “ Mary and the One Eyed Man” was another highlight.
 Stylistically, they ran the gamut between noisy Neil Young and Crazy horse style rock and roll,  old country, blues, gospel, alt country and even alternative rock near the end when they decided to debut a few brand new songs. including the moving, alternative rock number “I’m Coming Out,” with a biting guitar riff.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 August 2018 10:41 )
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