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Rae Spoon returning with “Bodies of Water”

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  Rae Spoon is excited to return to Lethbridge, Sept. 11 for a show at the Owl Acoustic lounge for Flipfest.Rae Spoon Returns to Lethbridge, Sept. 11. Photo Submitted
The popular non-binary artist is touring in support of a new ninth album “ Bodies of Water” featuring the new single “Do Whatever The Heck You Want.”
The new album will officially be released on Sept. 7.
“We’ve released two singles so far including ‘Bioluminiescent,” said Spoon from home in Victoria.
 Spoon is touring with Saskatoon based non-binary electronic artist Respectfulchild aka Gan and the Ground Sloth Orchestra at the Lethbridge show.
“Respectfulchild is coming to play keyboards and I’ll be playing some electric guitar,” Spoon added.
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The Lethbridge Folk Club and Geomatic Attic begin their new seasons this week

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Things pick up for fall this week with two major concert series opening their new seasons and  big events welcoming back students.Hollerado are one of several bands playing Freshfesst this week. Photo by Richard Amery
The Lethbridge Folk Club opens their new, fortieth anniversary year by bringing back the Wardens to the Lethbridge College Cave on Saturday, Sept. 8.
 The Wardens are a folk trio from the Banff and Canmore area who work as park wardens and have stories and photos to share. Tickets are $30 including a membership for the season which also includes membership through to the end of 2019. Tickets are $20 for students who aren’t members and $15 for students who are members. Cathy Hawley opens the show. at 8 p.m.

 The Geomatic Attic also opens their new season this week with John Wort Hannam’s CD release party for “Acres of Elbow Room” The show begins at 8 p.m.  Tickets are $32.50 for that show.

 U of L students are in for a treat if they like indie rock with an expanded Freshfest, Sept. 7 and 8 outside the Student’s Union building. The first day features Halifax indie Rock band Wintersleep, Ottawa rock band Hollerado, local indie rock bands the Silkstones and Biloxi Parish and  the Zolas from Vancouver.
 Saturday includes Calgary power trio the Static Shift and Calgary pop singer Jocelyn Alice plus Toronto pop band Valleys. New York City based pop/soul singer Max is on the bill as is local country musician Tyson Ray Borsboom. Local DJ Zodiaque performs each night. Freshfest is only open to  students or guests of students.

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Prism play the hits and nothing but the hits for Whoop Up Days

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I’ve seen enough Prism shows to be able to predict their sets. Usually they play Average Joes on a Saturday, so I miss my favourite Prism classics. So I was was glad to catch them at Whoop up Days, Thursday, Aug. 23 for an excellent crowd.Prism's Al Harlow gets some air at Whoop up Days, Aug. 23. Photo by Richard Amery
 They focused on the hits, opening with their usual opener and best known hit “Spaceship Superstar.“ They played it and killed it to the delight of the audience, most of them remembering to bring lawn chairs.

Prism's al Harlow and  Tad Goddard at Whoop Up Days, Aug. 23. photo by Richard Amery
 Al Harlow is the only  original member of the band, but he had some familiar faces on keyboardist Marc Gladstone and drummer Gary Grace and bassist Tad Goddard.
They played another older song “Virginia,” and “dusted off the song that got us the record contract ,” one of my favourites “Open Soul Surgery.”

Harlow still managed to hit original vocalist Ron Tabak’s incredibly high notes, and showed some impressive guitar playing, especially during his usual bluesy slide guitar solo, during he which he wandered off the stage and got the audience members up front to strum a few notes.

They got back to the hits with “Young and Reckless,” featuring Harlow changing a few words around.

 A brief drum solo  prefaces another of my favourites “Flying,” which featured Harlow blowing into a talk box as he also did in “See Forever Eyes.” He usually does that for “Mirror Man,” but I may have missed it as I left briefly during their panty peeling ballad “ Night to Remember.”
As usual, he dedicated “Take Me Away” For Ron Tabak, noting he wrote the song for Tabak’s voice.

 They wound up a high spirited set with a couple rockers including “Don’t Let Him Know,’ and a big drum solo spot before ending their show with their  usual show closer “Armageddon,” with a pre recorded horn and guitar parts.

 The Roaming Dragon Fire Spinners perform at Whoop up Days. Photo by Richard Amery
 They were called back by lukewarm applause for an encore of “Take me To The Kaptain.”

 After the show  Roaming Dragon Fire Spinners performed some impressive acrobatics with fire  which enraptured a good sized crowd

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 August 2018 15:02 )

Sam Weber channels John Lennon and Ron Sexsmith

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It was a really busy Wednesday night in Lethbridge, with two excellent, though poorly attended shows.

Sam Weber brought his band back to Lethbridge, Aug. 22. Photo by Richard Amery
 Vancouver musician Sam Weber played an excellent set at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 22 with his band for about 30 people. I arrived just in time for their second set.

 He opened  the set by playing some subtle slide guitar on an exotic, Caribbean flavoured song which reminded me of Danny Michel mixed with Ron Sexsmith caressed by the ghost of John Lennon.

 They laid down a mellow, intimate   groove set behind a multi-layered indie rock sound more reminiscent of the Great Lake Swimmers with a touch of Phish.
They played music of their new CD and went back to  their previous CDs.

 Weber traded places with his keyboards while his keyboardist played some lead guitar for a couple perky Billy Joel sounding piano powered pop music.

One of the highlights was a song about growing up too fast  in America.

— by Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 August 2018 14:44 )

Clementine bring back Nirvana inspired rock

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I was sad to cut Sam Weber’s show short at the Owl because I wanted to catch Taitainium productions presentation of Vancouver trio Clementine at the Slice, Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Clementine at the Slice, Aug. 22. Photo by Richard Amery
 Instead I ended up missing local band Frege’s Puzzle and caught my first taste of local rock band HoverKraft. They played a solid set of drums and bass heavy alternative rock which drowned out their lead singer, who did her best to sing appealing melodies. 

They delved a little into more grunge influenced ’90s rock and made way for Clementine, who completely embraced their inner ’90s child.

 The high energy  trio sounded like the ghost of Nirvana with a touch of the Pixies and Bush and a few modern influences like Monster Truck and Black Thunder. In addition to a set of heavy, noisy, detuned, mostly original music, they also added a cover of Nirvana’s “Breed.”Hoverkraft opening for Clementine. photo by Richard Amery

—By Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 August 2018 14:23 )
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