New exhibits combine sculpture with painting and light


Retired University of Lethbridge sculpture professor Nicholas Wade is proud to present his first Exhibit at Casa, one of several new art exhibits opening at Casa tonight, Saturday, March 3.

Nicholas Wade has a new exhibit at Casa opening tonight. Photo by Richard Amery
 Wade combined his love for architecture, painting and how it interacts with light for his new exhibit, “Study of Kept Light and Other Works.”
“Mostly it’s purpose is to see how light  falls on architectural forms,” said Wade, observing watching the shadows resulting from the light is an important  part of each piece.

The titles are also  just as important.
The 12 pieces hang from the walls. They are designed  with the concept of  the pinhole camera in mind, with an image inside the sculpture illuminated through strategically placed holes in the works.

 One works reflects the shapes of collapsed buildings. Another recalls how children build things like forts out for furniture to crawl through.
Most of the works are newer, except for one  sculpture on the floor, which looks like half an egg with a scoop taken out of it.

“That is from 1997. It’s about fullness and emptiness. It’s full of light and shadows,” said Wade, who taught sculpture at the U of L for 17 years.

“These works are a new stage of art for me,” he continued.


Several other exhibits open tonight. Jheri Cook presents “Speak Freely.” inn the concourse gallery.
“These are really exceptional pieces,” said curator Darcy Logan.

“They have vibrant colours and really exciting paintings of bees,” he said.
“Hoopla,” is a group exhibit in the Passage gallery featuring  works created by artists at the Ability Resource Centre including textiles and surface design and vibrant fibre sculptures.

 Upstairs, Jonathan Alejandro Miquel-Alvarez explores the “detritus” of creating art in “Evidence,” so  the  showcase includes paint splattered smocks and other used tools.

 The other half of the main gallery downstairs feature’s Coalman based artist Tony Partridge’s “Landscape: an intuitive and empirical response.”
 the opening reception for the new exhibits is 7-9 p.m. tonight, Saturday, March 3. at Casa. They exhibits run until April 13.

—By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor