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Dany Laj and the Looks with Taylor Ackerman’s Global Acid Reset and Bomb Hugg
Thu, Nov 14
The Slice - Lethbridge


Time: 9 p.m.


Dany Laj’s heartfelt songs seamlessly meld together elements of rock, folk, and punk, without straying too far from the power-pop roots that give the tunes a certain joie de vivre, with nods to tunesmiths like Nick Lowe and Paul Westerberg. The narrative weaved together by Laj’s powerful yet unpretentious lyrics tells the tale of the Northern Ontario kid trying to find his way south.
From dive bars, church basements, and festival stages, there's been a secret brewing in North America's rock 'n roll underground. With years of touring under his belt, power pop troubadour Dany Laj and his band The Looks are turning heads just about everywhere. The band's spirited live sets showcase their power pop/punk ethos, adhering to a simple philosophy: write good songs, play them well, and have a good time. This is pure pop.

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Global Acid Reset is one of many great projects by Lethbridge's Taylor Ackerman. Taylor began gigging with his fathers blues band at age 14. Working consistently throughout Alberta over the past 15 years his passion, and understanding of roots, rock, and blues continues to grow.

“It is always great to see Taylor Ackerman’(s), blues tinged rock and roll, with tasteful leads and dirty rock and roll guitar playing which sound like a more laidback Neil Young and Crazy Horse” - Richard Amery,

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Bomb Hugg make rap music for people that don’t like rap music.

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