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Rock in October this week with lots of music

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September ends withs a smorgasbord of  different kinds of music.

The Devil’s Sons return to Lethbridge this week. Photo By Richard Amery


 The week starts early on Monday with a special early week show from Orillia via Saskatchewan singer songwriter Zachary Lucky who’s tour in support of his latest CD “Songs for Hard Times ”stops by the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Monday.

 On the west side, Luke James Bruce hosts his  usual open mic at Mojos Pub.


 The Owl Acoustic Lounge’s usual weekly open mic is on Tuesday.


And because it‘s the end of the month, Teri Petz return’s to the Owl Acoustic Lounge to host their monthly Poetry open mic.


 Things get loud at the Slice with Vancouver punk blues duo The Pack AD and Hell Diablo plus local riot grrl trio Mombod at the Slice, on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Tickets are $16.93 for the Pack AD’s last tour. The music begins at 9 p.m.

 Get a little more mellow at the Slice on Thursday, Sept. 29 as Sweet Alibi stop by in support of their latest CD “Make a Scene,” with Chris Drew.


 Then turn it up again at the Slice on Friday Sept. 30 with Edmonton psychobilly/punk  rock band The Devil’s Sons supporting their new CD “Broken Bones, Bottles and Hearts. If you like Social Distortion and the Supersuckers , you will like the Devil’s Sons.  The Hockey Moms, Bob Scallywag and for something a little different  l’omelette will be joining them. Admission is $10 at the door.

The Slice hosts a big local rap and hip hop show on Saturday, Oct. 1 to open October.

 Zimbabwe artist of the year  Kay L is the headliner with support from JPB, Indigidrip, Stratum403, Atomic Lane, Kropp Hopper and Knixxen Out. Tickets are $17.87 through Eventbrite.


Sweet Alibi to share sweet harmonies and new music at the Slice

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Winnipeg folk pop trio Sweet Alibi are ready bring their sweet harmonies back to Lethbridge, Sept. 29 at the Slice along with a more pop  inspired CD “ Make A Scene.”


Sweet Alibi’s Amber Nielsen playing with Richard Inman and Fortune Block this summer. Photo by Richard Amery

 Amber Nielsen hasn't stopped running since things opened up,  as she was just in Lethbridge in July supporting Richard Inman for Upside Downtown, is excited to return to Lethbridge with Sweet Alibi band mates, Jessica Rae Ayre (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Michelle Anderson (electric guitar/banjo/ background vocals) plus  bassist Alisdair Dunlop and drummer Sandy Fernandez.


 “ I’ve been playing with Richard Inman and before that I was touring with Sweet Alibi,” Neilsen said.

 She is excited about the new CD, agreeing. the band’s sound has evolved.


“it still has folk rock roots. This time we worked with producer Matt Schellenberg and Matt Peters  (from Royal Canoe). We experimented with different sounds, so it has evolved organically,” she said, noting there are a few horns on the new album.


“It’s our fourth album. We’ve tried to make each album different,” she continued.


Since the interview, they won  a WCMA Award for Roots Artist of the Year.



 “ I think we were touring with the band the last time we were in Lethbridge, which has been a few years (in 2015 for the Lethbridge Folk Club).”


 They recorded the CD right before the pandemic , but were unable to tour on it, so Neilsen is excited to finally be able to support the new music.


“I love the way it sounds. it’s exactly like we wanted . So were excited to tour, though we aren”t bringing the horns, ” she continued, adding they have been playing a lot more soft seat theatres in Germany.

“ It’s fun to play theatres,” she said.


“ We did a small tour of Germany in the summer and we hope to go back next year,” she said.


“ It’s definitely a been a fun year,” she continued.


 They explore a variety of emotions through the lyrics for this CD.


Zachary Lucky revisit traditional favourites on new CD and tour

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Saskatchewan born, Orillia, Ontario based folk/ roots musician Zachary Lucky returns to Lethbridge to play the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Monday, Sept. 26.

Zachary Lucky returns to Lethbridge, Sept. 26. Photo By Richard Amery

 He has just begun a long tour in support of his new album “Songs For Hard Times”— CD of  traditional cowboy songs and a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “ Rex’s Blues.”


“It’s all points west now,” said Lucky from the side of Highway 17 outside of Thunder Bay on the second day of the tour en route to Lethbridge via Winnipeg. He opened the tour in Sault St Marie.


““I’ve been living in Orillia for seven years I guess and left Saskatchewan behind,” he said.


“ It was a collection of solo recordings, so this tour is the album release tour for that set of songs so I thought I’d tour it in the fashion that it was recorded. Just me , myself and my guitar,” he said, adding the tour is going well, though he’s only had one show.


“One show down, it’s hard to say, but  pretty good. When I booked this tour, I wasn't doing much touring, It was when things were kind of still in and out of being shut down,” he said.

“I thought after a couple years it felt pretty good to get back on the road and do a real big set of shows. We’ll see how I feel about it at the end of the tour,” he chuckled.


“But so far so good. I’m looking forward to making some miles in the next week.


Lucky wasn’t feeling very inspired during the pandemic, but rediscovered his love for old traditional cowboy songs. 


“ I guess I could say the lack of inspiration sort of inspired it. The pandemic was interesting for musicians and artists I think you could say. I saw some friends of mine who were making lots of records and videos and all sorts stuff and writing all these songs and for me, it quite honestly, it just wasn’t a very inspiring time. I was kind of doing the home school parent thing and spending a lot of time taking care of the domestic things. It really it didn’t leave much time or energy or inspiration for the music. But at the end of the day, if I did have energy or did have five minutes to pick up the guitar I found myself singing all these old traditional songs and cover songs that eventually ended up being this record.  And as I was  playing them I thought this would be kind of a nice record. So we put it together. And I think it turned out to be a nice recording. And it’s a little different from my other recordings. And I’ve heard nothing but good things from folks. I like it quite a bit because I’ve always been a fan of raw solo recordings and so far I think people are enjoying it as well,” he said.


He covered some old traditional cowboy songs  like “Hang Me an Oh Hang me” and “Leavin’ Cheyanne” and Townes Van Zandt’s “ Rex’s Blues.


“ These are songs I’ve been singing for years and years. Not necessarily on stage but just songs that have been in my backstage repertoire— songs that you’d sing  before the show or after a show sitting around a kitchen table,” he said, adding he never had time to record them until now.


He had studio time booked, but plans kept changing so he ended up recording them in his family’s cabin up north.


The Pack A.D. returning to Lethbridge on last van tour

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The Pack are back for the last time — again.

The Pack AD are back in Lethbridge for the last time, Sept. 28. Photo by RichardAmery

“ I know we always t say that, but this time it’s legit,” said guitarist vocalist  Becky Black , who together with drummer Maya Miller, make up the popular Vancouver based blues punk/ garage rock duo The Pack, A.D. . They return to the Slice, Wednesday, Sept. 28 as part of a quick western Canadian tour that begins, Sept. 23 at the Luna Festival in Revelstoke.


“Originally we thought we release one last album (“It Was Fun While it Lasted”) in April 2020 and tour that and that would be it. But then Covid happened and we couldn't do that. We were going to Europe and the U.S and Canada. So we’re doing it now,”  Black added.


“ We’re not ending the band or anything. If a festival wants us to play then we will. But these van tours are a lot. So we’re not doing that anymore,” she said.


 They  toured the U.S. and Europe as originally planned earlier this year.


 “ We toured all over the U.S down the east coast, through Florida and Texas. Then we went to Europe. But had to cancel the last few dates of it because of Covid. We both got it. You can only dodge it for so long,” Black added.


“ Crowds were really good. People were starved for it. And a lot of bands were touring at the same time as we were,” she said.


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