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Horoscopes Tuesday, Aug. 16-Tuesday, Aug. 22

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Once again, horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only. They can be reasonably accurate but generally general, if you aren't having a horoscope done for an individual and instead, generally generalizing for everyone who falls under the same sign. Generalizations are accurate enough but astrology in its glory should be more than general, it should be ridiculously accurate. Get your personalized chart done to stand in awe of it’s awesome powers of perception.
Check your Moon sign, ascendant or rising sign increase your odds of an accurate reading.
- General Iris of the Army of Flowers

Aries - Feeling Feelings

March 21 - 23 to April 20 - 23

Mars in Cancer. My only advice for you is to write Margo and ask her how to stop crying, so much. She might have something better to tell you than I would. It's a sensitive time for you, Aries, whether it's tears of sadness or joy, you'll be feeling your feelings, for sure. A good time for a romantic gesture, even if you've been doing so all month. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Taurus - Shell Fish?
April 21 - 23 to May 20- 23
Venus in Aries. There's one thing and one thing only you're focusing on right now — yourself. It's good to sit back and get some perspective by zoning in on #1 but make sure you aren't too wrapped up in your you and not considering others. That's how you dig holes. But with Jupiter in Taurus as well, you'll be getting hell of a lot done. It'll make you wonder how much considering others is too much. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Gemini - Centre Stage

May 21- 23  to June 20-23
Mercury in Leo. Right now, you're feeling swollen with pride, self-esteem and as if you're at your personal best. There's no problem with that, you're just a bit of a show off at the moment. Be careful you don't blind anyone with your smile. And also, that you're not merely putting on an act. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Cancer - Going Deep

June 21-23 to July 20-23
Moon in Pisces, Aries and Taurus. You're always a little sensitive but right now, you're going deeper than usual. In a few days, you'll be looking at yourself in a more realistic light. By this time next week, you should be focused on your home and feelings of personal security which may mean grounding those emotions of yours, a little. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Leo - Puuuurrrrrrr

July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23
Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo. You're dancing up a storm, aren't you? Which probably means lots of luxury time, being pampered and even petted behind the ears. Roll with it. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Virgo - Voicing Your Thoughts

Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23
Mercury in Leo. You'll be enjoying the management of a little more self-certainty than usual and finding that others hang on to your opinions more now, instead of casting them aside. Opinions... Everyone's got one, so may as well put yours on the table. Now's a good time to do so. But don't get too cocky. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Libra - Feeling Lucky

Sept. 21- 23 to Oct. 21-23
Venus in Leo. You're feeling slightly frisky lately, in mind, body and soul. It's a good time for you, at the moment. Nothing too adverse coming your way and with might old man Saturn in Libra, too, karma, dharma and all that other phooey are your best friends. You might find yourself attracting lucky charms. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Scorpio - SentiMENTAL

Oct. 21-23 to Nov. 21-23
Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn. Feeling sentimental? It's there, under the surface. But channeling it seems to be a hard won ability to turn the other cheek and not take any crap from others. You're pulling out (rare, for you,) being still and looking pretty. They can't touch you. It's not a bad thing to recognize your own emotions. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Sagittarius - Slow and Steady

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23
Jupiter in Taurus. Slow and steady wins the race. A time of major expansion followed by a winding down and an increase in material gain, weather it be objects for your home or for your leisure time, outside of the homestead. You've been building up and up and up and now you're gently floating back down to earth. Enjoy your relaxation. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Capricorn - Balancing Act

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21
Saturn in Libra. God never said that balancing the great chequebook in the sky was easy. But you make it look like child’s play, despite the underlaying tension. Decisions, decisions... (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Aquarius - Frazzle Rock
Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18-21
Uranus in Aries. You, taking time out for you, would be a prudent suggestion. Go for a walk alone, no matter how much family or friend time you have set aside. You'll be deep in commodious contemplation, as the next while passes you by. Make time for others, as you always do, but don't forget about you, you, you! (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)

Pisces - Irradical

Feb. 18-21 to March 18- 21
Neptune in Aquarius. Erratic thoughts and patterns without patterns fly through your noggin', so randomly, they're hard to even notice. Up and down, up and down, left, right and centre, you're brain will be buzzing all around with so much going on, you'll need a neuro net to catch it all. Good thing you've got one. (Be sure to check your Moon and rising sign as well)


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