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Thanksgiving Horroscopes: Thanks Giving a.k.a. Turkey Day Horoscopes

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So, for the thanks giving season, a cornucopia of events are on the celestial horizon. The Moon is as bountiful as the harvest this holiday, being full on Tuesday and the Sun enters Scorpio in the middle of this month so happy birthday to all of you Libras, in the meantime!

The Sun and Moon are always in opposition when the Moon is full, each month. So, if the Moon is full in Aries, you know we're in October and the Sun must be in Libra, creating not just a tension or possible conflict but also a chance at resolution and to reconcile, unlike other more powerfully negative aspects in astrology.

We also see Mercury in opposition to Jupiter, the outer planet usually exerting influence more over those closer to earth. In this case, there may be wonderful things on the forefront concerning social influences and productive communications ; However, the happy circumstances can easily be popped like a balloon blown up too big, if we are not careful to watch our own boasting. Like with turkey day, we hopefully have some things to be thankful for. Let us just make sure we treat one and other accordingly to the spirit of this tradition.

Aries - Futuristic Inventor  Goggles

March 21 - 23 to April -20 - 23

The full moon in your sign has you seeing things through slightly erratic, through intensified futuristic inventor goggle lenses. You'll be challenged by things seeming to come at you like well aimed arrows, as if all of the issues are landing right on your philosophical bullseye, seeming to dig up deeper things that had been previously buried, mentally. You can either get pent up or run with it, overcoming by sheer amounts of effort. My advice to you: Don't give up! Channel it into stability, allowing you to draw back your own bow and shoot for the stars, hitting your target just the same as you were once hit.

Taurus - Appease, May I Have Some More?
April 21- 23 to May 20- 23
With all this Scorpionic energy on the rise, you may be feeling slightly bent out of shape and prone to taking things personally, as Scorpio does and she rubs you the wrong way. Your ruling planet sits with her, now, forcing you both to get along and see each others point of view. But Jupiter is well placed to help you out.

Bring great tidings and offerings (to yourself) and you'll be seen (by yourself) in a jovial, benevolent light, as well you should be; The inner chastising will be lessened and by doing this, offering to the self, a key will unlock a hidden door, more now than it had before! Give to yourself in ways you normally don't and don't fake it with things materialistically cushy, do the hard personal work.

Gemini - Fly Like An Eagle
May 21-23 to June 20-23

You're not quite used to being creative or artistic so much as you are to being talkative and quick-witted but at this time, it comes highly suggested from the universe that you tap into some form of creativity previously held under water, even if it's recreational drug use.

Not that I'm suggesting you use drugs, heavens no... Mercury in Scorpio means that you get a taste of what it might be like to live in someone else's shoes, feeling nervous, self-conscious and a little intense, despite how cool you want to appear. How does one deal with this? Usually by holding grudges. Break free by overcoming and transforming by communicating forgiveness you never thought an option.

Cancer - Static Ocean

June 21-23 to July 20- 23
Nothing right now seems to be effecting you much, in great and gargantuan ways. You're almost in limbo, Cancer, not even showing up on the radar but you are creeping into people's thoughts as you sift through your own. Being off your own personal radar and affected by very little directly, astrologically speaking, means you have a little time away from the narcissistic moodiness of your own emotions. Yayyyy! You can see through the grey clouds to the silver lining much more easily and more solidly than you usually can. Sit back, relax and enjoy life without so much turmoil.

Leo - Stealing Fire from the Gods
July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23

You know, Leo? Fittingly to your sign and its reputation for positivity and finding ways to deal, with pride and never get caught under the wheels of the car, I don't think I've ever managed to write a negative horoscope for you. You're hilarious and insufferable and out for war, this time! You're all charged up lately, wanting nothing more than to rekindle some old flames and sparks. You don't want blood, you want FIRE. Well, Prometheus or Promethea, let's see it then. Can you steal it from the Gods? Can you face the heat, in honesty, yourself?

Virgo - Celestial Chef on Auto-Pilot
Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23

Come the next couple of weeks, you're going to be feeling out of your element, Virgo. With all the Scorpio on the rise, you may find yourself oddly disorganized or hyper intensified, which ever way your personal pendulum happens to swing. But either way, regardless of who you are, if Virgo is strong in your chart and you wear the archetype on your sleeve, get ready for some extra zest sprinkled or squirted in the eyes of your normally savory world. Just so you don't think I'm being overly generally, YOU, yes, YOU, Virgo, will be experiencing excess energy by Hallowe'en. For now, you're cruising.

Libra - Hit the Ground Running

Sept. 21- 23 to Oct. 21- 23
The Sun moves out of your sign and into the depths of Scorpio with such momentum, as many planets share in this shift from Libra to Scorp, that you hit the ground running. Like jumping from a moving vehicle that was trucking along quite nicely, suddenly the pavement moves faster under your feet than they can keep up with! And so, you slow down and are forced to stop to catch your breath. The only problem is that you're still stuck with your ruling planet in Scorpio and everything that comes with it. You'll be feeling a little tense this coming week. That's all I can tell you, so prepare yourself, mkay? Make sure you've got your jogging shoes.

Scorpio - To Fly or not to Fly

Oct. 21- 23 to Nov. 21-23

You're the guest of honour at a Scorpio party! Only problem is that all the other Scorpios skittering around there are, too. Scorpion mamas carry hundreds of baby scorpions on their backs, supporting large groups and you are ceaselessly embodying this concept in coming weeks, up to Hallowe'en. Feeling pressure from a many different angles, intense displays of emotion, outbursts of all kinds, positive and negative, and a whole slew of social conundrums and opportunities await you! Now, let's be true to Scorpio mythology and become hawks in the desert, soaring above with our innate ability to overcome through transcendence by spreading our wings. To fly or not to fly? That is the question.


Sagittarius - Autumnal Ostrich

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23

There are many fiery influences surrounding you but somehow, I get the impression that you're feeling a little more stationary than usual. There's something hardened in you, Sagittarius, as a general observation for those of you with Sagittarius strong in your chart. Maybe I'm wrong, and I say that because the things are general and not personal charts and of course, also being human and fallible... But it's like, either you're rooted in a good way, or you're head is stuck so firmly in the sand, you can't say boo! Are you too set in your ways? That's the question you've got to ask yourself. Has something stagnated your ability to be adaptable, at this time? And how does this affect you, for good or for bad?

Capricorn - Wet and Dry

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21

You get along reasonably well with all the Scorpionic energies coming at us all in the next two weeks. You can both work hard, and easily as a breeze blows share mountainous concepts with ease. You are both enabled for rough and rocky, as well as watery terrain. You're both powerful but you tend to be more subdued than your Scorpion sister archetype of the zodiac. So, a general warning to you, as with every one right now, beware of the depths of your own cerebral hells and heavens. You will be tossed around in her seas and rolled out onto a magically appearing desert. Knowing you, hearing this sort of metaphor doesn't phase you but come the end of October, it might.

Aquarius - From Zig Zag to Straight Line

Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18 - 21

Uranus is in Aries much like the Moon,  squaring Pluto which means you're prone to feelings of self-preservation, as well you should be. As well we all should be, it's only instinct. Weather this translates as home or work, it's all coming into focus in terms of sustaining where you're at. You should be feeling your normally scattered and inventive thought processes sharpening a little, to a point, like on a spear head you're about to huck at whatever it is you want. Knowing you, you'd like to see it pierce the stars. One thing seems for certain, but of course, few things ever are; Your priorities are straightening out. With so much Scorpio coming crashing into everyone's atmospheres, the winds of change will still be harsh but the rewards, awesome.

Pisces - Brilliant Beaming ... If You Squint

Feb. 18-21 to March 18-21

Your ruling planet Neptune trines the current midhaven in Scorpio, seems to point to your being influenced by the sign just as much as everyone else in the next two weeks, with no exception. You're feeling a bit intense, a bit sexual, a bit cerebral and aptly enjoying the mood set by the season, I'm sure. Neptune being in Aquarius has you feeling wacky. Wacky, wacky, wacky! A little off-kilter in the way that a genius or mad-scientist might be inclined to feeling. They seem nuts to the rest of us but are in all actuality, brilliant. So, enjoy the glimmer of mad intelligence and innovation in your own eye and try your best to make use of it.


A little off-kilter in the way that a genius or mad-scientist might be inclined to feeling. They seem nuts to the rest of us but are in all actuality, brilliance. So, enjoy the glimmer of mad intelligence and innovation in your own eye and try your best to make use of it.

For consultations, questions, harassment, and devotional confessions, write Iris here: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

— By Iris E (Becky Johnston), Special to L.A Beat
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