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L.A. Beat

Astro-Beat-Girl: Your localized alienoid anti-septic skeptic horoscopes for Monday, July 30 - Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

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Previously, on Astro-Beat-Girl: The astrology column was to be condensed into a smaller, more conformist, standard newspaper format, the likes which would not challenge your intelligence and tolerance quite as verbosely as usual; However, it's been so long, there's just too much I'm itching to say and besides, we haven't gone to print ... yet.

In the end, we all need our L.A. Beat-ings every now and again, and either myself or Margo (or many esteemed members of the community outside of L.A. Beat) would be happy to provide them vicariously, (for free.) Us girls here, we lay the smack down through the written word.

Mercury will be out of its retrograde in exactly two weeks time, on Aug. 8. S/he has been retrograde since the July 14. Finally, opening us again to less restraint in our ability to love, and express ourselves. We are not so self-concerned as we were last month, and approaching a time of smoother sailing, with less snags in the road for most of the eighth month.

This is not to denote the obviously tenuous times that we have undergone in the last two weeks, where tragedy ensued for many, in the wake of a Grand Cross.

I have seen many things in my trips across the Universe, and it is safe to say these last two weeks have left us having sorted out quite a lot of our previous skepticisms, anxieties and issues of our pasts still lingering. We know very firmly now just where we stand.

Aries - Thank you Master

March 21-23 to April 20-23
The Pluto is in the bad. Pluto is your homeboy, if you recall from a previous article. If not, understand that Pluto represents deep, dark depths of inner mystery; Things not exposed, hidden away, veiled. The parts of you that want a pleasant balance in amicability are directly challenged by the other parts which crave cold detachment, solitude and contemplation. Examine your inner motives to the core of the issue and identify them. Put your finger on them. By bringing this darkness to consciousness, much light thereupon will be shed.


Taurus - Earnest August, the Showman

April 21-23 to May 20-23
You have had the ability to put on two very different faces as easily as exchanging masks between meetings, in the past short while, but as you come to be even more immersed in social activity over the next fortnight, your sensitivities will noticeably increase. You will find yourself opening like a flood gate to the well of human emotion, as memories are triggered and interactions swell. I foresee you weeping ... A lot. If maybe even just on the inside. Ultimately, this is a time for solidifying you're you, in the context of the World stage. How you present yourself when going live, has changed and will change, and now is the time for seeing just what your newly defined character can do!


Gemini - Learning to Laugh, and Growing Up

May 21-23 to June 20-23
Right now may feel like a time that's all about you, or centred around the self if you prefer that statement. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though it could be misconstrued by yourself or others and therein lies the key that this horoscope has to offer. A personal focus can turn into a spotlight of entertainment just as quickly as you might feel yourself shrinking when that spotlight is shining its hardest lights down on you. Then we return again to reflecting on priorities and the positive traits we find within again. You find yourself appreciating yourself, as can be a healthy part of self-esteem, but be aware of the flip side of the coin that you do not end up dejecting others. A key for the challenges you face in the upcoming two weeks can be found in humour and in appearing bigger, or smaller than you actually may be. Whatever you project might reflect times three.


Cancer - Rivers of Cookies

June 21- 23 to July 20-23
Speak with your finger on the pulse of the complimentary, if you're able to through all that you usually find yourself exposed to emotionally. You are empathetic to the core, and thankfully, Venus moves into your sign which helps you to soak up some facilitating feminine vibes, without any of the harsh side-effects of Venus in Gemini. Side-effects of Venus in Cancer may include a bought of disappointment and rivers of cookies. Yes, rivers of cookies. And milk, if you must ...


Leo - Tiger's Eye

July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23
Much on the rise for you, Fire sign in the South as you dawn in Houses of the demon tamer, and the humanitarian which makes you so very prone to absently wandering away in disinterest. Humanitarianism is lovely and all, but it doesn't quite work with the Kings of the jungle, sort of displacing the crown of a natural hierarchy which they so easily perceive.

The Sun has just made its way back into your general oasis, and more so than with the rest of us, you should be generally self-focused right now. Is it eye on the prize or Eye of the Tiger? Follow strange and erratic inclinations, as odd as they may seem, for they are to your benefit. Keep your claws sharp at this time, in finely honing any of the martial qualities that may need developing in ones life. Modern day lions know kung fu, and have glocks, and sniper rifles and shit.


Virgo - Unearthing

Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23
In unearthing personal demons, your inner guru may be found! Or the guru to the demons, at least; As far as the guru for you, there may need to be an inquiry unto the Highest. This is a time of being faced with what is generally uncomfortable, once more, having to stop and rationalize any previous overly critical analyses, perhaps unearthing them entirely. Don't be afraid to have your strings animated a bit, allowing yourself to be brought to life by forces beyond your conscious control which, when you think about it, is nearly everything and anything. Surrender.


Libra - Holy Moses!

Sept. 21 - 23 to Oct. 21- 23
This should prove to be an exceptionally creative time for you, albeit there are destructive undertones to be found in the process. Be careful with your loved ones. Consider how you've been portraying yourself in your relationships, both romantically and otherwise. Your social sphere may be shrinking, or at least, you find yourself in muddied waters, the result of your own perception. Through disturbances in the liquid sky, we can hardly see anything clearly. Take time to re-beset yourself in your own shoes, with your own positive intentions and redefined world views, and learn to walk on top of the waters in which you have already gotten yourself wet. No one likes a wet beaver, unless it smells good, with a fresh hair cut. Holy Moses, did she just say that? Come on now, don't let it get your dam(n) all clogged.


Scorpio - Comfort is a Mystery

Oct. 21-23 to Nov. 21-23
Waxing less and less verbally, you find yourself embarking on a journey of self. When you are out and about, on display or so to speak, you are the discount designer bag, a gleam in the public eye; However, this does not interest you. You are more concerned with private affairs, and learning to level our your temperament. Socially, you are far too sensitive right now to be expected to roll with your homies in any way that feels ultimately secure. Security only comes to those who are at first, fast within. If you ain't got it within, you ain't got shit, and no amount of substances will improve your internal standing.


Sagittarius - Plan C

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23
Your internally contemplative, world-changing person may be highly immersed in the throws of invention, seeking to create new ways of seeing your ideas, and even more importantly, manifesting them into reality. It's important to have a very clear vision before one can create, and maybe even a back-up vision, so we've got more than a passing fancy that will be torn asunder at the first sign of impediment. Your thoughts will be just that, until you hammer them out into something concrete, and at the moment, ideas alone may spring forth results almost as easily as they arise in your head. This power will short circuit, if you insist on mentally flitting about to sample the nectar of every concept.


Capricorn - The Devil is in the Underworld

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21
Like with most of us, your being strained through the colander of social experience versus constructing our home base. In nesting, we are called to truly contemplate where the role of home and Hades meet. Cancer is your opposite sign, so to be in a position of balancing out your social sphere, with the Sun in Leo, you're quite prone to fits of display. What's most important at the present time is figuring out where you are most comfortable in life, in terms of long term goals of sustainability and fuelling the fires of the hearth.


Aquarius - A Hopefully Humbled God

Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18-21
You'll be hearing Venusian love songs in your heart and feeling butterflies o' inspiration a'fluttering in your head, but what's new? Emotions will be stirring from issues long since past, over the next two weeks. Perhaps they are more relevant to your present than you had imagined. You're enamoured with the World, and yet considering the ways in which you have not exactly been showing its inhabitants just how much you care. It is a time, in a sense for a redefining of friendships. It is also a time for humanity to be pressing heads firmly together, for the sake of bringing about tangible change.


Pisces - Simultaneous Stoppages

Feb. 18-21 to March 18- 21
What is a fish out of water, but food? It's also a possible evolving creature, too. But one thing is for sure, you are not comfortable where you have found yourself. And you shouldn't be with creativity blocking Neptune in retrograde, filtering through your sense of self-respect and extroversion, making you feel as if you're being outgoing when in reality, you are avoiding going out. Like waking up and going to sleep all at the same time. The only thing you can do is go with the flow, lay back, do not resist what makes you squirm, and attempt to relax.

- Horoscopes by Iris E. (Becky Johnston) special to L.A. Beat.


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