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New exhibits at casa explore nature

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Casa celebrates nature an abstract art with several exhibits running until Feb. 15.Darcy Logan  with Marianne Gerlinger}s Nature & Nurture Exhibit. Photo by Richard Amery
 In the entrance gallery, Eileen Murray examines  various still life items in paint.
“She Earned a BA from the University of Lethbridge and her MFA at the Uuniversity of Saskatchewan. She’s exploring the motif of  traditional still life,” said casa curator Darcy Logan.
The main gallery features two exhibits which also explore natural themes through abstract art.
“The whole exhibition is celebrating nature,” said casa curator Darcy Logan, noting Ashley Wolodka’s “Tide Change” is in the front half of the main gallery.
“She has created abstract paintings inspired by tide pools in Nova Scotia,” he said.

“Ashley recently moved to Lethbridge. She graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, so we’re excited to be hosting her first public exhibition,” Logan continued.
 Marianne Gerlinger’s Nature and Nurture in the other half of the main gallery also contains abstract works inspired by nature.

“ A lot of them are inspired by nature and elemental figures. Marianne is a well respected artist. So we’re excited to have this opportunity to showcase her work,” he said.
Just outside the main gallery, three University of Lethbridge students , Alicia Barbieri, Amber Saito and Chrystal Toth present tactile/textile.

“They’re interested in repetition and seriality, and they like to work with their hands,” Logan said, noting the case contains a variety of found items reflecting those interests.
“ We always like to support university students,”Logan said.
 Upstairs, in the Concourse Showcase, Linda Sprinkle  features Branching out From Paint to Puzzle Pieces.
“She went to second hand stores and  got puzzles. She spent a really long time sorting them  according to colour and shapes and made them into a collage,” Logan said.

“And even though it’s a collage, she approached the project like a painter,” he continued.
Two other exhibits are upstairs including David Dunlop’s This Box is Empty and Joan Kent’s Paintings in the Focus Gallery.
“ He’s explored the motif of the box as an individual,” he said.
“And Paintings  by Joan Kent is special because she only started painting in her 70s. So we‘re excited to present her works,” Logan said.
 The exhibits run until Feb. 15.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor
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