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Glorious Sons excited to be back having fun on stage

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Kingston rock band the Glorious Sons are excited to be back touring again on the Unfinished business tour, which stops by the Enmax Centre, Saturday, June 18 with JJ (Jill) Wilde.

“ It feels great. It feels exactly right,” said Glorious Sons frontman Brett Emmons.

“ It’s exactly what we needed.”

\Glorious Sons including  Emmons’  brother Jay on guitar, guitarist Chris Coster, drummer Adam Paquette, keyboardist Josh Hewson and new bassist Peter Van Helvoort.

The band is playing mostly arenas on this Canadian tour other than a three day run at renown Toronto venue Massey Hall.


The Glorious Sons frontman Brett Emmons playing Whoop-Up Days 2017. photo by Richard Amery

“It’s tough to be out of work for two years, especially when we do what we do. You’re worried people might not come out,” he said.

Emmons is really excited to have JJ Wilde opening for most Unfinished Business tour dates.


“I’ve known Jill for as long time. We’re really good friends and we‘ve written some music together. She has a really great voice. I’m really proud of her,” he enthused.


“ So I’m very happy to be able to help her and bring her on tour,” he said adding she joined the band for a song at their London show.

“That was a really special occasion, But we haven’t planned anything,” he said.

Emmons said long time tech Peter Van Helvoort, formerly of Teenage Kicks and plays with Emmons in a band called Darling Congress, is fitting in well with the band.

“ He’s been with us for about a year and he’s been amazing.

 Van Heliport joined the band after former bassist Chris Huot had to quit to  be with his family after his brother passed away unexpectedly.


The Glorious Sons  released a special EP“ the Young King Sessions EP” through the Glorious Sons app, but have no plans to release another album soon.


“Our main focus is getting our touring legs back and having fun touring,” he said, adding they completed a successful tour of the U.S.


“ It was very good. A lot of people came out. After two years of not being able to, a lot of people are just really excited to see live music again. And they knew us most places except for  way down south, where they didn’t know us, but that happens,” he continued.


They aren’t in a hurry to release new music.

“We‘ve been working on new music for four years. But we want to focus on touring.  Personally It’s been a lot of fun and  it’s been easier to  do now and we want it to stay that way,” he said, adding he is looking forward to returning to Lethbridge, where they have played Whoop up Days twice and a lot at Average Joes.


 They are playing a headlining show of approximately an hour and 45 minutes at the Enmax Centre.


“ We’ve had shows where we didn’t feel we connected in the first half, then we can step it up in the second half and really interact,” he said.


“ It‘s going to be the same thing— a lot of rock and roll and a lot of fun.

The Glorious Sons and JJ Wilde play the Enmax Centre at $7:50 p.m. Tickets are $79 and $69.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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