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Grimelda embrace name change from Faps and expand sound for new music

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The Saskatchewan based punk rock duo formerly known as the Faps aka  Grimelda are excited to rock the new Owl Acoustic Lounge for Halloween, Oct. 28 with a killer line up of local punk bands including Berserker, Short Straps , Balrogath and local Misfits tribute 138 playing their last show.

“ You’ll have to come and  find out,” chuckled  guitarist/ vocalist Skylar Cafferata.


Grimelda return to Lethbridge for Halloween, Oct. 28. Photo submitted

“ It’s a big a Halloween bash with a bunch of cool bands playing. Probably costumes. Which . I’ve been thinking a lot about Halloween because we usually dress in different ways at every show, so maybe something extra special for Halloween or maybe something normal, so I guess we’ll find out,” he continued.


 They changed the name for a few different reasons.


“ I guess a few things, the Faps. I was into the name, but  not everyone is. But most people got it,” he said.


“ And I think it represented what we were doing like taking the piss out of rock and roll tropes or like purists. Rock and roll’s fun, but it’s also silly and kind of dumb. a lot of the time. But 10 years went by and it’s made our lives a little bit easer as far as  getting support from other places other than fans. And so far it’s been good. ’We’ve been able to get a few grants. And we‘re releasing new stuff under the new name. And people seem to be receiving it quite well. We are still playing some of the older songs.  It’s virtually the same band just different title,” he said. 


 The band, including guitarist Skylar Cafferata and drummer Blaire Colwell, have just released a new single “George Thorogood” though Transistor 66, featuring a slide guitar solo from Electric Bill .

“ The one thing that’s really changing a bit with the name change. We’ve kind of done a little of this already. We‘re doing a bit more collaborative writing performing. At it’s core it’s still just the two of us but kind of opening it up a little bit and working with friends on different ideas and different material. That’s kind of the direction we want to go in with it,” he said.


 They released a CD in 2018  with special guests Brodie Mohninger and Megan Nash, which was called Grimelda, but  released under the Faps name.

“ Actually that release is under the name  the Faps, but  it’s called Grimelda, which is kind of where we got the band name from,” he said.

“ So there is a bit of a connection there. And we still play some of those songs as well. And that was our first studio project where we really took a lot of time and expanded on the songs and got people like Megan and Brodie and our friend Laura also plays an the album and our friend Jeffery just adding more instrumentation making the recording material it‘s own experience. The live show is a different experience,” he said.


 He is pleased with the new single George Thorogood.


“ It’s our first attempt at writing a mega- radio rock hit,” he chuckled.

“ And I think it’s gone well so for. George is a brilliant guitar player and we wanted to immortalize him into a song. And at the end of the day it’s a metaphor for not taking rock and roll too seriously. But also I’ve ripped off riffs from all because that’s what rock and roll is. Mostly stealing. A lot of artists do if if you think about it.We just put together a really normal song that was really fun to play and it still is fun to play so I guess we’ll keep playing it even though it started off as a joke. it’ hard to deny. it’’s catchy, fun music,” he said, adding he doesn’t play the slide guitar on the track.


“ I don’t play slide guitar, that’s Electric Bill is featured on that track. He leaves a mean slide guitar solo, definitely,” he said, adding it will be part of an upcoming EP expected to be released in early 2023.


“I weirdly has a bit of a classic rock dude theme in it that wasn’t overly intentional. Theres another song on it called Randy Bachman or just Bachman. Stylistically they’re all pretty different. The next single will be a big mood shift different from ‘I’m George Thorogood’ rock and roll to pretty dark, heavy,  loud noise rock kind of a thing,” he said adding he has sent George Thorogood to a few radio stations.


“ Most of the play we get is on  college or  community radio and most of them don’t  really accept singles. But we’ll send the EP to all of them,” he continued.


 The Lethbridge show is Friday, Oct. 28.

“It is at the new Owl. We’ve played the old Owl a few times and always had a really good time. Steven”s really great. i think we]re playing will all local band. Sounds like a night full of punk rock. Idon’t want to spoil too much. Not that we have anything crazy planned. Most of our shows are fairly spur of the moment” he continued.

“So you never really know what’s going to go on,” he said.


“Come out to your local live shows. Finally things are starting to happen again this is kind of our first little tour back. It’s been a rough time for everyone and I think it really helps to ease back into the community and support everyone around you and do what ever you can.  

 Grimelda, skate punk trio Short Straps, melodic death metal band Balrogath, local emo punk band Berserker and Misfits Tribute 138.

 There is a $10 cover for the show.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 October 2022 16:06 )  
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