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Ghostwood Records show to be a highlight of the week

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Lethbridge record label, Ghostwood Records is  having a big bash at the Slice, June 5 to introduce Lethbridge to some of theBridgette Yarwood and bassist Mason Schaffer of the Living Luca. Photo by Richard Amery fantastic local bands on the label.

Sleeping with Tuesday, Smokestack Jacks, Jesse Northey and the Dandelions as well as  the Necessities will be performing. The Living Luca may also be on the bill.
 A handful of people at an afternoon all ages gig , May 29 at the Hungarian Oldtimer’s Society got a taste of two of the bands — Smokestack Jacks and the new line up of Sleeping With Tuesday.

The numbers were scarce in the afternoon and  the show might  as well been billed a battle of Lethbridge’s loudest bands.
Earlier in the afternoon, local rock/metal band Eyes of Isis, who usually are the ones organizing Lethbridge all ages shows, played  a surprisingly soft  (volume-wise)  set for a handful of enthusiastic kids, one of whom was rocking out, waving his arms, bobbing his head and drumming along  with the band’s music, much of which will be featured on a new Eyes of Isis CD due out at the end of June.

After repeated urgings, they finally convinced  a few members of the audience to get up close to the stage, where they sat in their chairs and watched.

The last couple bands, including Lustre Creame, who  also played an ear-bleeding set of mindblowing music, opening for the Manvils at the Slice later that night, displayed their typically impressive musical chops including a version of the Allman Brothers’ ‘Whipping Post,’ which the crowd just wasn’t into.
 Smokestack Jacks played an energetic, ear-blistering set of deadly slide guitar drenched  blues/punk music, much of it from their new self titled CD. They attempted to get the people moving, but to little avail.

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Ghostkeeper looking forward to returning to Lethbridge

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Calgary based weird blues tinged pop/rock band Ghostkeeper is back at the Slice, June 4 to play with the Shaela Miller Threesome.Shane Ghostkeeper playing  at the Slice in December. Photo by Richard Amery
“You’d better believe we’re looking forward to coming back. This time we’re playing with Shaela Miller,” enthused  guitarist/vocalist  Shane Ghostkeeper, who along with drummer Sarah Houle, multi-instrumentalist  Jay Crocker and  bassist Scott Munro make up the core of the band.
 Their second, self-titled CD, which was released in January, has received rave reviews from across the country and has been getting airplay on CBC Radio 3.
“People are excited about it and it is getting lots of publicity,” Ghostkeeper said adding the band is already hard at work on their third CD, which he expects will be ready for release next year. Making a CD  takes time as  Ghostkeeper likes to challenge themselves  by creating tough guitar parts.
“It’s a matter of challenging ourselves.  That’s pretty much our mandate, to never play something we’ve played before,” Ghostkeeper said adding he and Sarah  Houle come up with their own musical parts work together to bring them together as songs.

Pink Moth, Raised by Swans plus Megan Hamilton and the Volunteer Canola play something for everyone

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Pink Moth, Raised by Swans  plus  Megan Hamilton and the Volunteer Canola had something for everyone, May 26 at the Slice.Raised By Swans set down a psychedelic, ambiant groove. Photo by Richard Amery
 Approximately 20 people were enjoying the show as Megan Hamilton and the Volunteer Canola were up first with some upbeat roots rock, and then tested the crowd’s musical knowledge by giving a CD to the first person to tell them who first sang  the theme from That 70s Show, ‘In The Street.’  For those wondering, it was originally performed by  Alex Chilton and  Chris Bell of the band Big Star, though Cheap Trick   redid a more popular version for the show later.

Megan Hamilton and the Volunteer Canola played excellent roots music. Photo by Richard AmeryThey played a superb version of it.  They ended their set with  a touch of ebow powered psychedelia.

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The world’s best classical musicians in southern Alberta for the Fort Macleod International Festival

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If you like chamber music,  there  is a fantastic series of five concerts happening  around southern Alberta this week.Viola player Rivka Golani  is always a highlight of the Fort macleod International Festival. Photo submitted
The fifth annual  Music is In The Wind, Fort Macleod International  Festival kicks off at the Galt Museum, May 27 featuring  26 of the world’s best classical and chamber music musicians.

“It’s really about bringing the best musicians that are performing around the world right here,” said executive director Gerard Gibbs adding they have been rehearsing at the empress Theatre fro the past nine days for the five concerts which will take place at the Galt Museum, May 27, the Empress Theatre, May 28 and 29, Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, May 30 and in Calgary at the Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall.

They all begin at 8 p.m., except for Head Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump concert which begins at 3 p.m.
The festival began after Gibbs met musical director  and viola player Rivka Golani six years ago, who offered to help organize a chamber music festival.

“Chamber music is  very personal, there is only one musician to play each part,” he said adding there is a solid core of musicians who participate in the festival this year, though there are always new faces and new venues.
“Last year we started the festival in the University of Lethbridge Theatre. Next year, we’re going to have a concert in a church near Twin Butte, in the middle of nowhere,” Gibbs said adding the bonding between the musicians   and themselves and with the audience , is just as important as the music itself.

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Leah Marie King smokes at the Slice

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Blueswoman Leah Marie King showed her country side at a sizzling show at the Slice, May 22.Leah Marie King and her band at the Slice. Photo by Richard Amery
Approximately 25 people enjoyed watching her tear it up on the guitar  and showcasing her unique wavering voice as she played  songs from her two CDs as well as well chosen covers including a unique version of Neil Young’s ‘Ohio’ and  ‘Helpless.’

She was backed by a bassist who was unsmilingly lost in the groove, a drummer keeping time like clockeork and a keyboardist adding some apt organ and piano sounds to the music. She finished her first set with ‘Raven Child,’ the title track of her first CD.
 King sang a couple country tinged originals from her latest CD, ‘Back to The Bridge,’ including  the CD’s first track  ‘Losing Kind,’ but just as easily switched into some Stevie Ray Vaughan style  guitar pyrotechnics.

— by Richard Amery, L.A Beat editor
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