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Devin Cuddy delivers smiles on a Sunday with covers and new music for sold out Geomatic Attic

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Devin Cuddy and Ryland Moranz entertained a packed Geomatic Attic, Sunday, Feb. 25 with plenty of piano powered fun.

The always personable Ryland Moranz opened the set  with some fleet fingered banjo an guitar picking, interspersed with stories about touring, having to sleep at the Kamloops airport and trying to  rebel against hippie  parents and not doing cocaine.


 He admitted he was fighting off a cold, but he covered it well.


Devin Cuddy playing their Geomatic Attic, Feb. 25. Photo by Richard Amery

 He played some new music  and observed he has a new album  coming out soon that was delayed by the record company.

 He noted  his form of   rebelling against his parents was playing a cover of Richard Thompson’s “ 1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” which he did well, show off some hot finger picking  on guitar.

 He finished a brief set with his ever-present  smile  but would be back.


 Devin Cuddy, son of Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy  has made his own path, playing piano.

Ryland Moranz playing the Geomatic Attic, Feb. 25. Photo by Richard Amery

 Cuddy who bears a striking resemblance to his dad, has been forgone his dads‘ band’s  unique brand of Canadiana roots rock for plenty of boogie woogie, b and blues based piano.


 He  smiled a delivered a solid set of earnestly catchy blues, and  roots rock, mostly from his latest album “Dear Jane,” a few new songs, a couple older songs plus a few choice covers.


“ 44 Calibre,” was an early highlight of his show full of rollicking piano.

 He said  “Dear Jane,” was a morbidly themed songs about letters written home  by soldiers on the front lines duringThe First and Second World War

 Mike Tuyp played tasteful leads on guitar and ukulele.


 Cuddy lightened things up considerable with a couple light spirited covers from musicians like Billy Joel.

 A  bluesy new song, “Unemploy a Bill”  was very much in the light hearted vein of  Randy Newman, but had a message about one of Cuddy’s friends who has  trouble holding down a job.


 Cuddy showed his country roots on   a cover of Justin Townes Earle’s “ One More Night in Brooklyn,” cover and on Guy Clark’s “ L.A. Freeway

“Take me To Valhalla” was s a heartfelt highlight.

 Cuddy talked about his family’s friendship with Barney Bentall’s family before playing his beautiful cover of Bentall’s 1988 hit “ Come Back To Me.”

Cuddy wound down the night by welcoming Moranz back to the stage to sing Bruce Springsteen”s “ Hungry Heart.”

— by Richard Amery, l.A. beat Editor

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 March 2024 17:56 )

Syryn returns to rock the Slice with a roar pirate metal style

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Everybody’s favourite pirate themed metal band Syryn returned to the Slice to play for an enthusiastic and sweaty crowd, Saturday, Feb. 26.

Syryn rocking the Slice. Photo by Richard Amery

 I missed  opening sets by local bands All Else Fails, Drearius and Vessel, who had everybody  warmed up, and their ears primed for devil horn throwing , huge  riffs, dual guitar solos and plenty of songs about seafaring and piracy  referencing New Wave Of British Heavy Metal along the lines of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.


 I arrived just in time to snap a quick pre-show  photo with the audience.

 Sloan Voxx’s huge vocals  and charismatic stage presence powered a set  full of new music mostly from their latest album Heads or Tails.

 Guitarists Nick Berard and Kerry Peters supplied the big riffs and harmonized leads, while bassist Lyxx Rose locked in with drummer Bryan Campbell  to  lay the bedrock of  relentless rhythm.


 Just in case anybody wanted to sing along with Sloan’s operatic vocals, a  screen with aquatic visuals and  the lyrics played on a screen set on  the corner of the stage.

Syryn returned to the Slice,Feb. 24. Photo by Richard Amery

 “ Run For Your Life,” kicked off the high octane set featuring a lot of their 2022 album including “ Sink Or Swim, and “Surrender.”


 “ Fist Full of Daggers,” wound down the show of heavy riffs and hot leads.

They were called back for an encore of “ Unbreakable.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A.Beat editor

Last Updated ( Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:08 )

Yarboro and Charlie marks rock the roots at the Owl

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It was all about the rock, roots rock that is with an excellent double bill of Charlie Marks and the Spineless Cowards with Yarboro at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Saturday, Feb.24.

 Charlie Marks and  the Spineless Cowards played a solid set of roots rock like a mellower Yarboro.


Yarboro at the Owl Acoustic lounge, Feb. 24. Photo by Richard Amery

The frontman, wearing a Yarboro short,  was introducing a song about my home town , Crossfield, which was pretty cool to hear.

 The had a close to capacity crowd primed and ready for Yarboro.


 Yarboro trimmed down to a four piece, featuring frontman Zach Passey, played their usual set of high energy roots rock.

Charlie Marks and the Spineless Cowards at the Owl Acoustic lounge. photo by Richard Amery


 They started off slowly, in the vein of Charlie Mark and  the Spineless Cowards.


They picked up the tempo and the energy as Passey knocked off his glasses in the throes of passion for the music.


 I missed an opening set by Elish Lazenby.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 March 2024 17:03 )

March opens with a roar with a little punk rock and a lot of jazz and country

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March begins with a roar in the form of a lot of punk rock not to mention plenty of jazz and country

 Deathbridge  Disease celebrates 20 years with a big punk rock show featuring Calgary  punk /metal band Citizen Rage, Total Wolf, Chernoff, Berserker and Rad Dog.

 Doors open at 7 p.m The bands begin at 8 p.m.. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.


Coyote Junction play Casino Lethbridge this weekend. Photo by Richard Amery

 But before that, Ellen Froese returns to host the open mic at the Owl Acoustic Lounge tonight with Jesse Northey.

Veronica Raine hosts the Slice’s open mic on Wednesday, Feb. 28.


It’s the end of the month, which means it is time for the Owl Acoustic Lounge’s monthly poetry open mic. Teri Petz is the host for the night, which begins  at 8 p.m.,Wednesday, Feb. 28.

 Open mics are back  at Theoretically Brewing. The Jam for Hunger is Thursday at 6 p.m.


The Lethbridge Folk Club’s open mic is on Friday at McKillop United Church

 It is a good week for jazz music. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 February 2024 16:32 ) Read more...

Devin Cuddy excited to bring long awaited new music back to the Geomatic Attic

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Ontario roots/ rock musician Devin Cuddy makes a long awaited return to the Geomatic Attic , Sunday, Feb. 25 with guitarist Mike Tuyp and special guest, Ryland Moranz.

 Cuddy is looking forward to returning especially with a new album “ Dear Jane” to support.

“Well we’re just starting a little run of Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary and finishing down there in Lethbridge. So we’re hoping for a good time,” Cuddy said, just pulling into his motel in Edmonton.


 He enjoys touring with Mike Tuyp, noting it give them an opportunity to reimagine the songs and  enjoy some more musical space.

“We‘re doing a duo show, which we do on occasion just for these short runs.


It’s a fun grouping to do it in. It’s a lot different than playing with the band. There’s a little more space and  its sort of interesting to hear reworks of these songs. It’s very fun,” he continued.

 He is playing  keyboard snd piano for this tour.


 He is pleased with the new album “ Dear Jane,” though the release was delayed due to Covid.


“We put out an album in early November called ‘Dear Jane’ which is sort of a collection of songs we had and added to over the past five or six years. In fact we had quite a bit finished when the pandemic hit and sort of decided to sit on it instead of putting it out during that time because we always feel that we need to tour in order to get our music  and our record out there. So it sort of felt pointless or fruitless I’d say to do during the travel restriction times. So I feel very relieved to have it out. It’s a lot of stuff we’ve had finished for a long time. We did add the title track  just last year. It’s a mix of different stories and sounds and we’re very happy to have it out. The reception has been great. We’re very thrilled we can bring it to Alberta this weekend,” he said.


 He always like to add a cover to his CDs. For “Dear Jane,” he added a cover of Barney Bentall’s early ’80s hit “Come Back to me.” as a tribute to a family that he ah and his dad  , Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo, consider to be their western family.


“I’ve been very lucky to have played with Barney for many years and he even sings a little on it  as well which is a real thrill for us to have him doing some backups and cal and response. It was great,” he said.


“Our families have been friends our whole lives. So we grew up with the Bentalls. They’re sort of our west coast family and we do some fundraising and charity events with barney. We’ve played some shows in 2018 I believe. My brother, myself and Barney joined my dad Jim Cuddy on tour. so We did a double family band thing. So we’ve played with Barney in many different forms over the years. So it was extra exciting to record one of his songs that  I’ve played for many years,” he said.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 February 2024 10:20 ) Read more...
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