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Even pros like Prism forget their songs

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As a burdgeoning songwriter/performer it’s good to know even the pros forget  their own songs sometimes. The secret is to covering it up well.Al Harlow does a Pete Tonwshend windmill. Photo by Richard Amery
Case in point, another excellent show from Prism, who returned to Lethbridge to play Coyote Joes, June 18.
They always seem to put on the same show, same sizzling slide guitar solo from frontman Al Harlow, same set list, same  classics like ‘See Forever Eyes,’ ‘Mirror Man,’ ‘Young and Restless,’ a couple new tracks from their new CD ‘Big Black Sky’ which had a good chunk of the almost full house dancing. And the same stage patter . Frontman Al Harlow asked the audience “Do you remember  the early days of Prism, our first lead singer was a big, blond bruiser from  Surrey B.C.  named Ron Tabak. He died in a cycling crash in the early ’80s.

This was his favourite song,” after which he  launched into one of their well known ballads ‘Take Me Away,’  The most interesting part of the show was what happened during my personal favourite ‘Take Me to the Kaptain.’

This was impressive, except Harlow forgot the first verse of the song, but covered it up beautifully with a  blistering guitar solo, followed the second verse, played another wicked solo followed by singing the first verse twice.

He didn’t miss a beat and grinned ear to ear all the way through it. That’s professionalism and showmanship.
He introduced the band’s new keyboardist Mark Gladstone, who I was pleased to see, nailed the keyboard solo on See Forever EyCraig Moritz playing a late set at Coyote Joes, June 18. Photo By 
Richard Ameryes. I arrived late, so I didn’t get to see what he did with  my other favourite ‘Flyin’’

The ended with my other favourite Prism  song ‘Spaceship Superstar.’

Something unusual followed that. Country singer Craig Moritz  took the stage after Prism at around 12:30 a.m.
 He  and his tight band put on a  crack show of originals and popular covers like Toby Keith’s “Should Have Been A Cowboy,” as well as an upbeat version of Don Williams’ ‘Living on Tulsa Time.’
He  was also playing Coyote Joes on Saturday night.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 June 2010 09:35 )

Joey Only Outlaw band knows how to party

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Joey Only and bassist Justine Fischer at the Slice, June 21. Photo by Richard AmeryOutlaws know how to have fun. After all, you have to love a band who plays the Inspector Gadget theme for their sound check.
 Vancouver’s Joey Only Outlaw band had a surprisingly strong and enthusiastic crowd hopping at the Slice, Monday  (June 21).

 Joey Only sounded like Hank Williams, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Bob Dylan and  the finalists of an auctioneer’s competition thrown into a blender full of amphetamines. He put on an engaging show beginning with a couple songs about busses — ‘Greyhoundin Guitar Man’ and ‘Birthday Blizzard Busride Blues,’ and sang about a variety of unusual Canadiana related topics as he lead his band through most of  the new CD ‘Transgression Trail.’

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Sleeping with Tuesday plus Hank and Lily and Dragon Boats highlight a busy week

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This is a huge week for live music in Lethbridge.
 The biggest show of the week is  the Sleeping With Tuesday CD release party at the Blarney Stone, June 25. Sleeping With Tuesday will be playing as well as Shawna Romolliwa, Jesse and the Sleeping With Tuesday debuts their new CD ‘Shuffle’ June 25 at the Blarney Stone. Photo by Richard AmeryDandelions, the Necessities and Smokestack Jacks. Tickets cost $10 including the new Sleeping With Tuesday CD ‘Shuffle,’ as well as a copy of their debut CD.
“It’s 11 tracks, but they’re all different. It’s called ‘Shuffle,’ because it’s like pressing the shuffle button on you iPod,” said bassist Dino Scavo.
“There is a lot of different influences on it. Diverse is a good way to describe it. There are a two solo acoustic numbers as well as some reggae and blues and pop,” he continued adding he is looking forward to the party.
 And spending the past two years playing with Sleeping with Tuesday  frontman Johnpaul Smith has been a  highlight of his career.
“It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun,” he continued.
Hank Pine and Lily Fawn will open another very cool show, June 26 — the grand opening of the Owl Acoustic Lounge. Hank and Lily will be performing an acoustic set beginning at 7 p.m. Admission is free, but to get a guaranteed seat ticket, stop by the Lounge in the old O’Rileys/Mood/Squeaky’s Pub building this week.
Hannah Georges has rescheduled her show  as well for June 26 at the Slice. She canceled due to vehicle troubles last month. Amy Bronson will be opening the show.

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Too loud for Memphis? Ross Neilsen is just right for Lethbridge

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New Brunswick blues/rock band Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin’ Bastards may be too loud for Memphis, but they are looking forward to returning to Lethbridge on Wednesday, June 23.Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin’ Bastards play the Slice, Wednesday.
Before releasing their new CD, ‘Redemption’ in late April,  the band dipped down into the United States to tour the east coast and ended up in blues mecca Memphis , Tennesee itself where they participated in a blues competition.

“We played on Beale Street at the Blues Café right across from B.B Kings. It went pretty well. It was interesting considering we’re not a traditional blues band,”  said lead singer/guitarist Ross Neilsen.

“One of the judges listened to our set with her hands over her ears. So we didn’t get far in it, but it was amazing. It was like a glorified battle of the bands,” he continued adding the tour has gone well.

“It’s gone pretty well. It’s been a pretty good tour so far,” said Neilsen, enjoying a rare luxury — a steady, five day gig in Edmonton.
“Not many places do this anymore,” Neilsen said adding response to the band’s new CD ‘Redemption,’ has been very favourable, including reviews in bigger newspapers like the Edmonton Journal. It is also starting to chart well.

“The first CD was acoustic, ‘Early Grave’ was more blues rock. This one is even more blues influenced rock. It  has the rock edge to it and shows the natural evolution of the band,” Neilsen continued.

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Joey Only set to bring the outlaw out on the road

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Joey Only Outlaw band hanging out with friends in Nanton. Photo submittedThe outlaw in the Joey Only Outlaw Band, who return to Lethbridge Monday, June 21 to play the Slice, isn’t anything to laugh at.

 While frontman Joey Only as well as band mates Rowan Lipkovits, drummer Kenan Sungur,  steel guitarist Mike Zinger, lead guitarist Steve Loree, upright bassist Justine Fischer and backup singer Leah Martin, would rather travel the country bringing Canadians the music inspired by their own country,  Only isn’t afraid to throw down if the situation demands it.

“ We’re armed to do battle, sometimes quite literally,” said Joey Only over the phone from Vancouver, relating a story about a time, not too long ago, in Fort St. James when  a ‘drunken maniac’ attacked him for no reason.

“I was just standing by the fire  minding  my own business when he called me rock star and started hitting me. I went off on him like I haven’t on anybody since high school. I was a bit swollen in the knuckles and swollen in the face, but he was a lot worse after it,” Only related matter of factly.

“People usually respect you when you drive all the way to their community to play them music, but when you drive 100,000 km, you’re bound to have an accident. I’ve been playing bars for 10 years. When you go to  500 bars, you’ll run into drunken maniacs. We’re not just saying we’re outlaw,” he said adding a stiff touring schedule is starting to pay off for the band.

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