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Movie Mill presenting drive in movies for summer

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The Movie Mill went back to the past with a drive-in theatre showing of  Back to the Future last Saturday, May 15. The event was so successful that they plan on holding special retro drive in events throughout the summer as long as Mother Nature co-operates.
“We’re really excited. We showed Back to the Future on Saturday and it was really well received,” said Movie Mill owner, Leonard Binning.Weather Permitting, the movie Mill will be presenting drive in movies beginning this weekend. Photo by Richard Amery
“It was a lots of fun, social media exploded,” he said, adding audiences enjoyed the experience so much  that  they have  been making requests for future showing.
“Drive in movies bring back a  lot of good memories for people. Ninety-five percent of our requests have been for movies from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s,” Binning continued, adding his short list for this weekend showings are the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Princess Bride, Jaws and Twister. Pirates of the Caribbean, Grease, Harry Potter, Shrek and Fast and Furious are also possibilities.

“Though we might save Jaws and Twister for later in the summer. After our short list, the possibilities are endless,” he added, noting having a drive in has required a lot of negotiations with not only The AHS,  the city and the movie companies, the latter of whom are a little paranoid about people pirating their movies by trying to sneak their friends into the movies in the trunks of their cars.
He said the AHS have been easy to work with.
“ We have always had a great relationship with the AHS with having showings inside and with organizing the drive in showings,” he continued, adding he can only speculate why drive in experiences in other communities have been shut down by the AHS.

Binning is still finalizing admission and ticket details. So far it looks like admission will be $40 per car. He is working on the details for admissions singles in cars.
“ But we’re also giving you a $15 bag of concession popcorn,” he said, adding there is a 100 car capacity for the showings. All cars must  be six feet apart.
“Because apparently there is a car variant of Covid,“ Binning deadpanned.

 You’ll be able to order your ticket online through and there will be links on Facebook and Instagram.
“The website is your best source for information,” he said.
“It will be a game day decision, because our equipment can handle the wind but it can’t handle the rain, ” he said.


Lethbridge drag community seeing success with short film Moniques on 4th

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Lethbridge‘s drag community is making waves with their short film/ music video Moniques on 4th.
 “It’s one third short film and two third music video,” summarized producer and  Hatchap productions general manager Nick Bohle who co-directed the film with first time director Erica J Barr.
“It’s really Erica’s baby. I just helped make her vision come alive on screen. She did a great job,” Bohle said.

“ Mama Didi can’t find a dress to wear to her music video launch, so she goes shopping in town until Alberta’s crazy weather whisks her away to a magical land where all her fashion dreams come true,” Bohle summarized.

The short film features a who’s who of Lethbridge’s drag and theatre scene including New West Theatre’s Katie Fellger and Erica Hunt, Francheska Dynamites and Jay Whitehead and Kathy Zaborsky’s  popular drag characters Didi D’Edada and her brother Castrati. Richie Wilcox and Aaron Collier play prominent roles on the film while Charlie Christensen, Danielle Wintrip, Katt Panic, Jamie Johnson and Deonie Hudson make invaluable contributions behind the scenes.

Aaron Collier produced the Jay Whitehead penned song.
“It a disco/ dance song that has a lot of ’80s and ’90 influence,” Bohle described.


Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society to revisit first production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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The Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society celebrates their tenth anniversary thius year by going back to the past to revisit their very first production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.
 Auditions for the play, which is being directed by Andrew Legg who also directed it 10 years ago, are Thursday, April 1 at the Lethbridge Fish and Games Hut (946 9th Ave South Street,)
“We’re definitely really excited about this season,” said Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society artistic director Kate Connolly.

Andrew Legg performing in the Merry Wives of Windsor last year. Photo by Richard Amery
 They have booked rehearsal space at the Gate in May and June and have booked three outdoor shows at the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens on July 9, 23 and Aug. 13 at 7:30 p.m..
“The audience can be socially distanced. It is easier or them to have the audience socially distanced and more easily control access to the facility,” Connolly said, adding The Mocha Cabana will provide charcuterie boards for the Nikka Yuko shows and there will be a bar.
And there are more outdoor shows in the works.

“We hope to be back at Galt Gardens, but we may have shows in other parks in town,” she said.
 There are also a couple of road trips this season.

“The Coutts Arts Centre has expressed a lot of interest in having us back and so has High River,” she said, adding unfortunately there will be no show at the Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod this season.
“We’ll be moving around a lot this year,” Connolly observed, noting the Casa Plaza is a possibility as is Festival square by the Telegraph and the Gate.
“They might even have a small stage set up by July,” she continued.


U of L examines mental health issues in online production of 4:48 Psychosis

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The University of Lethbridge explores the timely issue of mental health in their online production of UK playwright Sarah Kane’s last play “4.48 Psychosis,” which runs March 17-20.The cast of 4:48 Psychosis. Photo Submitted
“ It’s one long soliloquy enhanced by movement and dance,” summarized Jay Whitehead, who directed the production with Mia VanLeeuwen.

 They worked with the the 11 cast members to develop and film the production with proper social distancing and health safety precautions in place.

“It’s a very abstract piece of theatre that explores mental health issues and self harm,” Whitehead continued,  noting the work is a soliloquy of the thoughts of the character as she wakes up at 4: 48 a.m.
“ It’s a play that has been on my mind for a while,” he said adding Covid 19 has got a lot of people thinking about and talking about mental health issues.
It was Kane’s last play before she committed suicide in February 1999. It was first staged in 2000.

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