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Tough choices to make June 2-9

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This is a week of tough choices if you like all types of music and entertainment.

On Thursday, Ray Lemelin  and Bill Hills return to the Slice on June 4. They play thought provoking and energetic acoustic blues. On the other hand, if you are a “Spaceship Superstar” or just like Canadian rock n’ roll, Prism is at Average Joes Downtown. They have a plethora of catchy synth and guitar powered hits like “Spaceship Superstar,” “Take Me To The Kaptain,” “Young and Restless,”  “ See Forever Eyes,” and numerous others. If you like jazz music, the Dave Renter Quartet is playing Henotic the same night. They are also hosting the open stage at the Slice tonight (June 2).

Friday night is going to be  a night of really tough choices.

Not only are Dave McCann and the 10 Toed Frogs back in town to play heartfelt, energetic alt-country music at the Slice, but Henotic is going rockabilly with Bent 8, the Hurricane Felix and  the Southern Twisters. “metal Queen” Lee Aaron is also back in town to play Average Joes downtown, Friday night.

For something a little more country, Karen Romanchuk begins a two-day run at the Mocha Cabana. James Oldenburg will be playing laid back singer songwriter material at the Cottom Blossom Lounge, Friday and Saturday as well. If you want to laugh, lisping, trucker-mouthed Cape Breton comedienne Nikki Payne is at HBs Lounge.

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Cumako provides a preview of this year's South Country Fair

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Cumako flautist Ai Hagiwara was a highlight of the band’s May 30 show at the Slice. L.A Beat Photo by Richard AmeryThings are good to go for the twenty-third annual South Country Fair in Fort Macleod, July 17-19 . There are three Lethbridge bands including this year’s songwriting competition winner Shaela Miller, Treeline and the Darby and Joan Club playing amongst a line up which not only has a broader world view, but also shares some acts with the Calgary Folk Festival.

Plus there are going to be several poets and musicians still to be announced.

“There‘s a big focus on Alberta music. We‘re sharing acts with the Calgary folk festival,” said publicity co-ordinator Trent Moranz observing they didn’t intend to broaden their musical  horizons or share acts with Calgary this year, but is pleased that‘s how it worked out.

On May 30, Calgary based energetic Latin/world/reggae act Cumako introduced a packed Slice to what  they have in store for South Country Fair fans, during their Friday, July 17 9:30 p.m. set during the this year‘s fair. 

Their hyperactive show featured wicked flute and saxophone interplay, some phenomenal bongo drumming and even  a dual bass solo.

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Wide Mouth Mason bassist is Mobadass playing with Kyprios

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 Earl Pereira, bassist for Mobadass and Wide Mouth Mason is looking forward to playing the Blarney Stone, May 29.

Earl Pereira, best known for playing bass for Saskatoon blues rock trio Wide Mouth Mason, is looking forward to flexing his musical muscles in Lethbridge, Friday with his band Mobaddass, which comes to the Blarney Stone on Friday, May 29 with rap star Kyprios.  

“We‘ve only done three shows but we’re confident we want to do it again in September,” Pereira said during a weekend stop in Nanaimo.

Kyprios  is best known for performing with Sweatshop Union as well as a solo artist.

“We‘re old friends from back in the day,” Pereira said, enjoying a day off in Nanaimo, three days into their two week tour of B.C. and Alberta.

Pereira got to know Kyprios years ago when the budding rap star was dating Pereira‘s cousin and Wide Mouth Mason was opening for ZZ Top in Vancouver. Pereira got them backstage passes and  a relationship began.

“Kyp and I both like all different types of music, which is really what Mobaddass is all about. Mobaddass is based on reggae music like Wide Mouth is based on the blues. But that‘s not all we do,” Pereira said adding they will be playing a 90 minute set together with with the Saskatoon version of Mobaddass.


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Finger picking fun from Fredericton

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On Sunday, May 17, Fredericton, New Brunswick‘s Ross Neilsen and the Sufferin‘ Bastards returned to tear up the Slice with high energy blues powered by some impressive finger picking which sounded like Delta Blues on steroids and with a lot of volume.  But not only did Neilsen know how to control his feedbacking cherry red hollow body Yamaha guitar.
He punished that poor axe, especially on on outstanding version of “Cortez the Killer,”  squeezing every tenderly feedbacked note from it.  He bent the neck and put it on the stage, tapping out notes and strange sounds.
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You can never have enough violins

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If you like violin music of any kind,  Murray Nelson has set up an excellent show with a novel idea for May 28 at the Slice featuring Nelson, Shaela Miller, Tyler Bird, Brad Brouwer and most prominently, renown Lethbridge luthier and fiddle player Ed Dietrich and Okotoks fiddler Andrew Dexter. Nelson will be putting the whole show on DVD and Blu Ray to be released later thanks to a generous benefactor and big fan of Ed Dietrich. The show is called 89 Violins because Dietrich has built 89 fiddles. The music will include everyhting from old county like Bob Wills  to classical music.
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