Day of the Wolf dawns in Lethbridge

Karl Wolf
 Karl Wolf’s overnight success, thanks to his smash hit reworking of Toto’s ’80s smash “Africa” only took nine years. So life has changed for the Montreal based R and B singer/songwriter and producer who visits the Blarney Stone, July 8 (Wednesday) with rappers Cash Flow, Kay and Aace.
“I guess the biggest change in my life is getting recognized in Canada. I have a career in Japan, Europe, the Czech Republic, but Canada is a little bit slow to jump on the bandwagon. Now people recognize me on the streets,” said Wolf, putting the finishing touches on the video for the new single “Carrera” off his sophomore CD, “ Bite the Bullet.” He has almost completed his third CD which is expected to be released in December.
“It’s difficult to imagine that. When it takes  you this long, you appreciate it more,” he continued adding nobody sets out on a career path planning to fail, so the success does not come entirely unexpected.
“You always say you are going to succeed but because it didn’t happen fast  I’m going to cherish it,” said the Lebanese born Wolf who comes from a musical family, though he almost gave up on music when he was young, though found interest in it later.
“My mother was a piano teacher so she really wanted me to learn music theory. I’d finish school and then come home and it would be like I was in school again. She would fight me about that,” he continued adding he later took some music courses in university  and then began a career as a producer/songwriter for other artists.
“Making music is part of my life,” he said. He even recorded a track called “Trippler” with rapper Snoop Dog which is on Wolf’s myspace page.
“We kind of met through mutual friends. That was just a street track. It was never meant to be on an album. He’s a great guy.He’s a real  family man which is interesting considering how he is portrayed,” Wolf said.
Wolf joined some high profile groups like Sky back in 2003, before setting off on his own path.
“Yeah, that was a small group, we just went double platinum,” he laughed.
“I don’t try to combine the two. But that was the best experience of my life. It was great to be part of it,” he said adding that means he won’t be performing Sky hits like “Some Kind of Wonderful.” He didn’t even know the nature of his show at the Blarney Stone. 
“I have three different riders for shows —  for festivals and clubs. I play piano and guitar so I’m sure I’ll at least be playing piano, but I probably won’t have the band with me. It’s definitely going to be exciting,” Wolf continued.
 Tickets cost $20 and are available at the Blarney Stone, Boarderline and Infamous.

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