Chevelles christen new Sound Garden stage


The Chevelles christened the new stage  at Sound Garden, Sept. 18 and 19.

The Chevelles at Sound Garden, Sept. 19. Photo by Richard Amery
 Sound Garden have moved the stage to the centre of the room,  rather than in the corner, where a pool table now sits.

 They have draped three sheets of plexiglass from the ceiling don to the railing of the stage. I was impressed with the  lights and sounds as I could hear every note the Chevelles played and sang.


I only caught the last set on Sept. 19. I wanted to see  how they broke in new bassist / vocalist Seamus Chevelle aka Joe Brewster.
 He adds an impressive baritone harmony and also sings some impressive high notes as he  showed on a note perfect cover of Motley Cruë’s “Home Sweet Home.”
 He added more of a punk edge, singing Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and Rebel Yell.”
He also adds bagpipes to the Chevelles’ tool box, though I missed that as he brought them out in the  second set.
This set included   the usual suspects-lots of classic rock including   “Sprit In the Sky,” which drummer Don Plettell sang.
Other highlights included Iggy Pop’s “Real Wild Child,” and  a hot cover of Ace Frehley’s “Back in the New York Groove.”

The Chevelles will be playing Sound Garden regularly. They will be back in a coupleof weeks. Adequate plays next weekend. Suite 33 will be there in a few weeks as well.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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