Local punk rockers celebrate new Citizen Rage videos


It was punk night at the Slice, Friday, Sept. 25, as Calgary thrash / punk band Citizen Rage were on hand to debut their new EP “Black,” and the two spooky black and white lyric videos for “I Will Fucking Kill You” and “Dreams.”

The Hockey moms at the Slice, Sept. 25. photo by Richard Amery
 Unfortunately Citizen Rage weren’t  playing however, the Oi Street Scoundrels and Hockey Moms were on stage.
The Oi Street Scoundrels at the Slice, Sept. 25. Photo by Richard AmeryThe Oi Street Scoundrels, a local punk super group including members of  the Scallywags, Hockey Moms and Chief Mountain, played a solid set behind plexiglass  boxes of energetic street punk.

 Their intense set included a song that sounded a little like the Who’s I Can’t Explain,” as well as a Dayglo Abortions cover.
While the Hockey Moms set up, Citizen Rage played the two new black and white lyric videos.
 “ I Will Fucking Kill You,” is an anti-bullying song, so the video featured youtube footage of several popular clips of bullys and riots.
The Hockey Moms’ high spirited set of fast tempo punk rock attracted a mosh pit, as their frontman jumped off the stage into their midst.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor
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