Peter and the Wolves return to rock Slice’s fifteenth anniversary


Peter and the Wolves roared back into Lethbridge to help the Slice celebrate their fifteenth anniversary, Friday, Nov. 6.

Peter Cormier at the Slice, Nov. 6. Photo by Richard Amery
Peter Cormier and his bandmates were well into a set of piano powered boogie woogie, blues and rock and roll by the time I arrived.

 They had quite a few people dancing in masks. it‘s hard not to want to at least tap your toes when Peter and the Wolves take over.

 Sidney Zadravec was handling lead guitar duties and adding  superb background vocals while Cormier’s fingers flew over the keys on a set of  ’40s,’50s styled rock and roll and boogie woogie.

She gave him his guitar as he kept the ’50s feel going on a newer song “ I’m so Lonesome Everyday.” He followed that up with a song about winter driving which was all about trading his car for a snowmobile.

She added subtle, yet compelling background vocals  throughout a set which tapped into the spirits of Buddy holly and the Everly Brothers.

 He pulled out all the stops, playing guitar behind his head and  really getting into the spirit of the music.

Drummer Willy Angelo sang lead on a song “ If I Lose˘”
Zadravec unleashed her powerful pipes on a cover of Bob Seger’s“Travelin’ Band” and Cormier wound up his set with a hot cover of Louis Jordan’s “Keep -a -Knocking.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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