Casa pops into spring with plant pottery


Casa is planting the seeds of a new fundraiser to support local artists as they “Pop into Spring”

Casa's fundraiser Pop Into Spring begins Monday, May 17. photo by Richard Amery
Local artist Alexis Bialobzyski decided to try her hand at pottery as she spearheaded the fundraiser, featuring 21 pinch- pots and plants you can buy for $20 beginning Monday, May 17. They have all been named  with plenty of music themed plant puns like “Pot Plant in the City,”.“Safety Plants, ” “Unskinny Plot” “ Wake me Up Before you Grow Grow” and “You Light Up My Leaf.”

“We‘ve been closed since December, so it’s been hard for artists to gather, but everybody wanted to help out,” said Kelaine Devine, Allied Arts Council Communications manager.
“It’s just a little  fundraiser so we can afford artists fees for our exhibitions and pay them a living wage. Usually we’d be having a lot of fundraisers ” she continued.
She noted Bialobzyski decided to had fun designing the pots in a variety of different styles and themes from abstract to political.

“She focused more on having fun,” Devine said.

“ There’s a really lovely selection. They all have a sense of fun,” she said, adding the plants are already on display in the Casa window facing Rotary Square. A description and photo of each plant  is in the discussion section of the Facebook event.

Beginning at 10 a.m., Monday, May 17, you can call 403-327-2272 between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. to adopt the plant of your choice and arrange curb side pick up.

Pop Into Spring begins Monday, May 17.
 There are also paintings  on display by Robert Bechtel, Donna Gallant, Elaine Henderson, Jeanne Kollee and Troy Nickle which feature a nature theme.

They also got a Lethbridge College Media Arts student to put a video together for the event.
 The plants will be on display until June 17.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor