Museums listing for August and September


Blackfoot Cultural Society  

Val Good Rider Exhibit 

403.327.6828     Mon - Sat 9:30am - 5:30pm 

      Blackfoot Art Gallery & Gift Shop, Lethbridge Centre   

      Runs until September 17 

Bowman Arts Centre  

Bridging Divides: Community Exhibition 

403.327.2813     Main Gallery 

      811 5th Ave. So. 

      Runs until September 19 

      Letters From the Edge:Photographs~John Macdonald  

        Music Room 

      811 5th Ave. So. 

      Runs until September 14 


      Fluid Visions: Work from the Art Program 

      of the Lethbridge Shelter and Resource Centre 

      Yates Gallery 

      10th St. & 4th Ave. 

      Runs until September 19 

Galt Museum & Archives  The Mighty Bridge 

403.320.3954     Moods of the Bridge 

      Art of the Bridge 

      Riveting Photos: Landscapes of the Bridge 

      Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun + Hol. 1pm - 5pm (until Aug. 31) 

      502 1 St. So. 

      runs until September 20    

Lethbridge Public Library        

  Allied Arts Council Display ~ 

403.380.7336    Mon-Fri 9am - 9pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 1 - 5pm 

      810 5 Ave. So. 

      Runs until September 1 

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Into the Streets: Avenues for Art 

403.327.8770     Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 1-5pm 

      in temporary location 324 5 St. So. 

      Runs until September 19 


      ‘The Circus and the Wishing Well’ ~ Kristi Malakoff 

      In temporary location 324 5 Street So 

      Runs Until September 13 


      Inspired Perspectives: Imagining the Bridge 

      Week-long art classes for youth      

      in temporary location 324 5 St. So. 

      Runs July 6 – August 21 

Trianon Gallery    Triangulation

~ Yan Luo, Nic de Cosson, April Matisz 

403.381.8888    104 5 St. So. 

      Runs until August 28 

U of L Faculty of Fine Arts

 The Body Multipled: Figurative Photographs 

403.329.2616    Main Gallery, University of Lethbridge 

      Runs until September 

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Bridge View: A Seasonal Journey by Donna Bily

      Niche Gallery - Locker #W138, 8th Level 

      Runs until September 11 

Conservatory of Music

   Southern Alberta Vocal Experience (S.A.V.E.) S

403-329-2304    Daily concerts and masterclasses open to the public 

      University of Lethbridge Recital Hall (W570) 

      Runs August 10-22